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Building Relationship Of Global Business Successfully

With how technology keeps advancing these days, it is possible for your business to grow globally. You can sell and buy globally regardless of your business’s size. The distance nowadays is the least concern of how business works. Everything is more possible thanks to tech that has been advanced in various fields including logistics, communication, and e-commerce. However, it is also important to remember that the tools for communication may be easy to use but building the relationship within global business is not. It requires more than advanced tools or devices to work and last.

The process of building global business relationship 

The process of building global relationship can be more challenging than you thought. The advanced tech will be your least concern because there are other factors which are just as important such as commitment and appreciation. Remember that every country has their own culture which results in different tradition, language, ways of doing business, speed, etiquette, etc. Those are relatable to how you build global business relationship. 

When you are willing to do your business globally, you need to be dedicated and committed. The process of building the relationship itself can be hard even if it is possible. You have to put your effort in the process. Getting to know people you are doing your business with is necessary. Therefore, you have better understanding of them and how their own culture and tradition affect them in doing business. Understanding each other is the most ideal thing to d to build solid global business relationship. The goal is to build professional relationship that lasts in the long run. 

Working with international partners means you have to build the relationship well. There are many factors to build it successfully. The relationship you build should be based on understanding and trust. As mentioned earlier that understanding each other is essential for global business relationship to work successfully. To do that, you have to be willing to spare time and learn or get to know each other including the culture and traditions. Deeper understanding of each other can help avoid unnecessary misunderstanding or arguments. 

Trust is the key of building solid and long-term global business relationship. You may have customers or partners who are from different countries. There might be some problems occur. Dealing with international customers or partners require you to be apply more patience. It is also important to build your communication with an open mind. 

Keep in mind that there are differences in between you. Therefore, misunderstanding is quite common. There is no need to be defensive over something. Instead, listen with an open mind and build your curiosity. Thus, you get to know the real problems and how you can figure out the solution To avoid any further troubles that can jeopardize your relationship with your international partners or customers, make sure to lead with truth while avoid generalization. Share legitimate concerns with each other and that’s how you lead by truth. Do not blindly jump into negative assumptions.

How to Determine Bali Villas for Rent Value?

Do you plan to rent or lease a villa? With the increasing demand in the market for villas and real estate in Bali, it’s no wonder so many people are interested to take part in the business. And leasing or renting is less complicated than freehold sell, given how you still retain the ownership of the property. That’s why there are more Bali villas for rent rather than sell.

Bali villas for rent with a private pool

But then comes a question, how do I figure out the value of my property? It’s not something that you can easily compare with other property because there’s a lot of factors that affect how much it’s worth. But do not worry, as we are here to help you determine your property value to make sure you get the most profit from renting it.

Check the market for similar Bali villas for rent

Consulting the market would be the very first thing to do when you are clueless about the price of something. Seeing other villas rate can at least give you a price range about how much you will charge your tenant. It can also give you a sight on what aspect of your villa should be highlighted. Make sure you understand the strength of each Bali villas for rent that will attract people to take an interest.   

Where is it located?

Location is one of the key things that makes whether a property can be popular among buyers or not. A strategic location means easier access to many places, which is really helpful when you are planning to stay for a long time. For villas, beachside or near the forest are the most sought location, villa located in the center of the city tends to be less popular among foreigners due to the noise. But fellow Indonesian tourists might like it because it’s close to the market.

What does the villa offer?

The building and the facility is usually the second thing that people consider before investing in a villa. Unlike a house, people don’t really prioritize looking for a villa with multiple floors. Especially in Bali, where there are not many tall buildings around because of the cultural restrictions. The main attraction of the villa is the lounge and the outdoor areas. Most of the time, a villa with a comfortable bed, a cozy lounge, a garden, and a swimming pool is enough to guarantee a high price.

How is villa maintenance?

After checking the location and facilities, potential tenants usually ask the condition of the building. Doesn’t matter how luxurious the villa is, if the owner is neglecting the maintenance of the villa, it will affect negatively on the property value. So, try to keep your villa in check every day. Clean the rooms, garden and swimming pool, then check the condition of the appliances and lighting. You will need your villa to be in its best condition when you are showing it to your tenant.

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Leading Your Business Without Acting Like A Boss

Starting and running your own business gives you more responsibilities. You are responsible to your entire business including the workforce and teamwork. Even if you don’t have co-founder, you still have to build and manage a team to help you reach your goals. Leading a a business to grow it positively is not easy. In fact, it is very challenging that not many people succeed to do it. Business is also a complex world where many things can happen unexpectedly even when you have already made the precautions. When you run your business, you need leadership skills and qualities in you. However, don’t mistaken it with superiority complex. You are the boss but you don’t have to act like one to run successful business. 

Leading Your Business Without Acting Like A Boss

Leading successful business

Leadership is important element in business. Different leadership’s perspectives lead to different outcomes. Every business owners apply their own approaches to leadership. Some of them focus on creating clear walls between employer and employee. Meanwhile, there are also those who focus on teamwork and collaboration. It is highly recommended for you to apply the later. It has many benefits to your business growth and productivity in general. 

Collaborative approaches

By using collaborative approaches, you are able to open a learning atmosphere within workplace. Besides, it is more suitable and effective for millennial environment like we are living today. This approach allows you to provide more flexibility through open workplaces. As the leader, you are the one who set the goals. However, you have to make yourself available and approachable for giving advice and guidance. Collaborative approach is effective to build successful team that can reach your business goals wonderfully. 

Being more approachable

Leading Your Business Without Acting Like A Boss

Acting like a boss means you only know how to order things to your team members. It makes you unapproachable and missed the opportunities to learn something essentials withing the workplace. Therefore, collaborative approaches are more beneficial. this way, you create learning atmosphere within your workplace. You promote continued learning which benefits everyone including yourself. By acting like a leader and not a boss, you create more opportunities to share knowledge. You have something to learn from leading your team. Meanwhile, you team members also have more opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge. As the result, the operation so your business will become more productive. It helps boost your business significantly. 

Hear out opinions

When you lead your business by acting like a boss, you tend to close any opportunities for your team member to voice out their opinions. It will only disadvantage your business. Keep in mind that diverse perspective is needed t build successful business. It helps to create more alternatives to solve problems. Therefore, you should open more opportunities for your team members to give their opinions. It won’t make you look any less. It may result in more creative ideas. Make yourself available to your team members. You can eve conduct regular brainstorm sessions. Not to mention that this approach can help strengthen the bond between you and your team members. 

Enjoying Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard

You can do many things while on the Komodo liveaboard, relaxing on the decks while drinking and enjoying the view would be one of many things that you can enjoy. Other than that, you can actually do yoga to keep you busy before arriving on the island. There’s an open area complete with mats that can be used by anyone who wants to do yoga in their free time. You can also try yoga as soon as you arrive on the island. This activity is called a yoga retreat.

Yoga on Komodo Liveaboard Deck

Enjoying Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard

While doing yoga, it is best to pick a place that gives a quiet and calm area. On the ship deck, while may not be considered quiet, the feeling of ocean breeze and the sound of the yacht moving in the water can create a comfortable and calming atmosphere. This is why yoga is considered a favorite thing to do while on Komodo liveaboard. Relaxing on the bench is good, but yoga can make your whole body feel refreshed afterward.

The Benefit of Yoga

Yoga was originally created as a relaxation method that can cure fatigue and stress. The idea is to clear your body and soul while doing postures on a mat. The postures are some sort of medication that controls your balance and breathing technique to improve your body condition. Yoga is most popular among women who seek a peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Retreat

Enjoying Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard

So what exactly is a yoga retreat? It’s actually just doing the same activity, but the yoga is performed while surrounded by nature while traveling to an exotic location. This is usually done while on a trip with other people. A yoga retreat trip by itself can cost around 1500$, but since you are already joining Komodo liveaboard you will get the benefit of yoga in one package.

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While on retreat, you can also learn a lot from the instructors and other travelers on how to do the proper postures or other tips that can benefit your body. Yoga in nature can make every part of your body feel as though they become one with it. Whether it’s on the beach or forest, a yoga retreat can be a whole new experience than normal yoga that you do in your house.  

So, How’s about Yoga in Komodo Liveaboard?

Although yoga is facilitated in Komodo liveaboard, it’s not as advanced as going on an actual yoga retreat trip. But if you just wanted to know how it feels to do yoga aboard the yacht and in the wilderness, it is worth trying next time you intend to go on a journey in Komodo.

Controllable Mistakes You Can Avoid For More Successful Business

The success of business doesn’t rely on a single factor. In fact, it is a combination of resources and decision making. Of course, there are unexpected obstacles that you may face in the middle of your journey. However, they rarely affect your business significantly especially if you have made thorough preparations. It is possible for your business to suddenly just because of one action but it is very rare. It needs big thing to affect that much. Meanwhile, there are things you can control to avoid predictable mistakes. By knowing what they are and how to avoid them, you can increase your business success rates. 

Controllable Mistakes You Can Avoid For More Successful Business

Controllable mistakes to avoid to increase business

Decision making affect your business greatly. Therefore, it is important to not rush your decision-making process. At least, don’t make decision out of pressure. Making bad decisions are inevitable sometimes. However, there are controllable mistakes you can predict and avoid to help build your business grow. 

Scale the business too early

It is one of the most common mistakes that are actually avoidable and controllable. It is easier for entrepreneurs to feel like they have achieved success. They feel like their business grow in relatively fast pace. However, don’t get too excited when it happens to your business. Premature growth can be a threat for your business instead. Therefore, it is better to build solid foundation even if it takes years before planning to scale your business. 

Short-term success

Controllable Mistakes You Can Avoid For More Successful Business

Just like early business scale, another controllable mistakes is short-term success. Don’t rely on a short-term success because it won’t take your business anywhere further. It is true that short-terms goals are also important. However, you can also break them down into small achievable milestones. Creating a product or service that is going to last is your priority. Selling your first products to customers can be done quite easily. The most challenging part is to make it long lasting. Keep in mind to focus your business goals on longevity.  

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Hiring under-qualified talents because they cost cheaper

It is a mistake you can actually avoid. It is true that you should use your business finance as wise as possible. Being considerate against business expense can help your business sustain longer. However, it doesn’t mean you hire under-qualified talents. There are many costly risks you are going to face by doing so including costly mistakes, miscommunication, redevelopment, etc. Not only those risks can cost you money, they also can cost your precious time.

Focusing on something you are not familiar with

To start a business, it is highly suggested to choose something to focus on based on your interest or problems. Doing so, you will be able to create the right solution or products. For example, don’t force yourself to start a business of car repair if you know nothing about it. It will only put you in difficult situation. Challenges are good to help you grow. However, pick the right battle for you. 

Home Furniture Yogyakarta Shopping Tips

As you get into the adulthood and start to fill up your house instead of the dollhouse, you’ll need comprehensive guides on buying things. You will begin the journey to furniture shops—maybe home furniture Yogyakarta, if you live in Indonesia—for chairs and tables that fit the theme and last longer than your lifetime. There are a lot to consider in crafting home interiors; basic rules, color scheme, matching theme, and many things else. In this article, we won’t dwell on the aesthetic. We will be focusing on five basic rules on furniture planning to get it right. 

Fit the Home Furniture Yogyakarta to Buy with Your Lifestyle

Home Furniture Yogyakarta Shopping Tips

When you look it from the surface, furniture planning might look like taking the base form one’s taste. But it’s certainly more than that. Furniture is always about function. That means you have to put its ergonomic value above everything else. Think how the home furniture Yogyakarta suits your personal preference and family lifestyle. Do you need sleeper sofa in the family room for late night TV time? Do you often welcome lots of guest at the same time? You might want to buy longer coffee tables than small-yet-aesthetic one. Do your family often stay long in the dining room which, hence, require “three hour chairs”? Consider the family habits and lifestyle to find the right home furniture that fits it all. 

Know the Woods on Every Home Furniture Yogyakarta

For centuries, home furniture Yogyakarta is famous for using solid teakwood that stands against time. It’s so common to finds tables, chairs, cupboards, and even beds from grandma’s house at the house of recent generations. That is to said, solid woods can be very expensive, but they are highly susceptible to weather, scratches, water rigs, and humidity that can wear them off. Beside solid wood, you have veneers and composite wood for other options. Veneers are made form inexpensive woods for the base which later is covered with thin layers of better-quality woods. It’s not the best, but it got deals for the price. Composite woods are made of a mix of wood pulp, resin, and plastics. It’s the cheapest of all furniture options—but you get what you pay. Composite woods are known to break easily or have the hole for the joints widened over time.

Seeing It in Catalogue? Check the Dimensions

Home Furniture Yogyakarta Shopping Tips

If you are browsing for home furniture Yogyakarta from a catalogue, make sure you check the dimension. Do measure the front door and elevator to ensure your furniture can make it to the house. Make plans of furniture’s positions on the floor so you know how much space you need between the TV and the sofa. Know the exact space you need for the cupboard in the bedroom and how much space you are willing to compromise for it. You don’t want the bed and the cupboard to bump to each other. Measurement and positioning arrangement is very important especially if you live on small home. 

Avoid Furnitures with Nails and Glues

Home furniture in Yogyakarta is known for its stability, durability, and strength. The last thing you want is having furnitures with nails and glue. They won’t last very long. Make sure you are always looking for joined woods at the ends and corners. Joined woods are way studier than the nailed one, and the structure allows it to take more weight. 

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Balance on the Shapes and Sizes of the Furniture

Home Furniture Yogyakarta Shopping Tips

Before you buy anything for the interior, try to plan a pleasant mix of shapes and sizes in the room. Try to balance the rectangles with few pieces of circles and diamonds on the room. Make sure that no shape is taking dominance on the room. 

Komodo Tours from Labuan Bajo: Why Should You Go?

Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo is slowly gaining popularity for those adventure and thrill-seekers, but the name Flores itself still has not ring a bell for most people. Going on a Labuan Bajo tour is something exhilarating thanks to its remoteness and the mystery of an uncharted territory. But why exactly should you go discover Flores? 

komodo tours from labuan bajo

Reach new exotic remote places with Komodo Tours Labuan Bajo 

Indonesia as a whole is not that well-explored. Especially when you consider that among the thousands of islands, only Bali is disproportionately well-known compared to the other islands, and Java is the most populated. Not many visitors have actually landed in Sumatra or say, Sulawesi. Then there’s Flores, a remote destination that’s located just east of Bali and until now, has deterred mass tourism. 

kalong island flores

Labuan Bajo Komodo tour is a great option to explore the remote destination of Flores. Before booking Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo make sure that you do your research on Flores as a destination first. The area is a remote one and is nothing like Bali or Java, as the most visited islands among the thousands of Indonesian islands. So make sure to prep well, and entrust yourself to professional resorts or cruise, whatever suits your travel style. 

See pre-historic dragons with your own eyes

You’ve heard many times that Komodo is the closest thing you get from a dinosaur. Before you get to the island yourself, this is simply a faraway concept for you. Seeing is believing, they say. And when it comes to the legendary Komodo dragons, you’re really going to have to witness them yourself to feel how it actually feels

What’s really good about it is that the Komodo National Park is entirely protected. So although tourism exist, everything is being kept as pristine as possible. You’ll be able to spot the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat in the wild. So much better than seeing it in some shady zoos. 

tour to komodo

Should you go cruising or staying at a resort? 

A big part of enjoying Flores is getting to enjoy the gorgeous oceans. Diving liveaboard is an excellent choice for those who are serious about their underwater photography. However, it’s worth noting that a cruise may not be for everyone. You’re going to have to take note that you’re going to live in the seas full-time. 

labuan bajo tours

Dive in some of the most renowned diving sites in the world 

The seas of Flores are something straight out of the fairy tales and you’ll find that both rookie and experienced divers alike would have Flores Indonesia included in their bucket list. Want to swim with the fabled manta rays? The majestic creature of the seas will certainly be the highlight of your  trip in Labuan Bajo. 

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A large part of Indonesia is a part of what is known today as The Coral Triangle. It boosts extremely varied, astonishing marine life, and the mantas are not the only sea folks you’re going to encounter. In a sea that only covers 1 percent of the earth’s surface, over 70 percent of marine species known to mankind exist in the area. This is thanks to the fact that the oceans in Indonesia is rich with the nutrients needed for these creatures to live.

Understanding Partnership in Business

Partnership in business is common thing. However, not many entrepreneur understand the importance of it and how to make it work to their benefit. It is important to understand that partnership in business means formal arrangement to manage or operate business as well as share its profit between two or more parties. In business itself, partnership is not limited into one type. There is variety of partnership types in business you should know so you can also choose which one suit you the best. In some parts, liabilities and profits are shared between partners rather equally. However, there is also type of partnership that makes partners have limited liability. Thus, different type of partnership means different arrangement between partners involved. 

Partnership in business and its role

Partnership is a matter of choice. It is not an obligation. When you run your own business, you can choose to work independently or choose a partner. However, partnership bring more benefits more often than not. That’s why, it is common thing as majority of business goers always include partnership in various ways. There are those who choose proactive partnerships and there are some who choose silent partners. It depends on what you really need of partnership for your business. 

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What is partnership?

Partnerships are done by two parties or more to reach particular goal. When you share the same goal, it is easier to join partnership because it means you can work together and make your goals true more efficiently and effectively. The goals of partnership itself is always varied widely. Basically, there are three main categories in partnerships. They are general partnership, limited partnership, and limited liability limited partnership. Each of them has its own characteristics and arrangements. 

forming a business partnership

Legal and financial liability

As for general partnership, legal and financial liability are shared equally to all parties. Each party shares personal responsibility for the debts resulted from the partnership. They also share profit equally. Besides, everything is written in legal partnership arrangement to make every aspect of partnership clear. About the content of the arrangement depend on all parties. Each may demand different arrangements but one way or another, they should come into one agreement. 

What is a Limited Partnership?

Limited partnership is a mixed form of general partnership and limited liability partnership. In this arrangement, one party is on the role as general partner and the other is silent partner. As for limited liability partnership, the arrangement usually limit partner’s personal liability. This type of partnership usually takes in a common structure for professionals such as architects, lawyers, accountants, etc. In this type of partnership, the assets of other partners are not at risk even if one partners is sued for malpractice (for example). 

Liability limited partnership in business

The last one is limited liability limited partnership which is a bit hard to digest. This is particularly new in business practice so it’s kind of uncommon. In this type of partnership, the arrangement provides a greater shield from liability for its general partners. Since it is a little unique, there is not much of practice of it in business variety. Most common partnership in the field is general partnership. 

Hiring a Professional Wedding Vendor in Bali

Holding a destination wedding is a lot of excitement, added with the anxiety that comes with it. Wedding planning can be a real headache. But it really does not have to be a burden as long as you diligently do your homework. How to start looking for a suitable wedding vendor in Bali for the long-awaited big day?

oceanfront weddings in bali - professional vendor

Have a clear idea on what you’re trying to organize 

Sit down with your partner and talk this out. This is the first thing every bride and groom needs to do before they start on their search for a wedding vendor in Bali. Don’t approach your wedding vendors without the slightest idea of what and how you’d like to run your wedding. Here are some of the basic, but fundamental things you need to have an idea about: 

destination wedding paradise island
  • What’s the theme of your wedding? How would you decide on the tone? 
  • How much are you and your partner willing to spend for the wedding reception? Budgeting is one of the first and foremost issues every couple has when planning their special day. You need to have this clearly defined. 
  • How many people are you going to invite? This is something that you’re going to need to have pretty early on. Guest counts are extremely important when deciding various wedding vendors, especially when it concerns the wedding caterers that you’re going to hire. 

Decide on a timeline and communicate with your wedding vendor 

How much longer until the date you’ve set for your wedding? Is it fixed or are you willing to make compromises about the date? Planning a wedding a year to six months is highly common. But what if you only have, say, less than 3 months to plan your wedding? Here are some of the basics when aligning your needs to the availability of that of your wedding vendor: 

  • Is your wedding vendor would be available during that date?
  • Is it possible to have your request done within the timeline you’ve set? Work this out with them and always communicate. 
  • How about your budget? Does your timeline would affect it? Do you have the necessary funds ready to get everything set up in time?

Make sure to choose a professional wedding vendor to help you. Not only they are experienced in their work; they also have a valuable insight into problem-solving as well as giving you ideas and recommendations from their past experiences. Remember that they’ve worked with a lot of people in the past.

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Recommendations, reviews, and narrowing down your choices 

Researching your wedding vendors come next once you have a solid idea for yourself on what kind of wedding reception you’d like to have. Having that relevant idea is also going to help you tremendously when you’re researching the vendors—you’ll have a much clearer direction on which vendor have what you’d want to achieve and which aren’t relevant. 

Hiring a wedding vendor in Bali: hire a professional 

wedding vendor in bali

Thinking of getting help from families or friends when you’re having a destination wedding in Bali? That may not be a good idea. Whatever your reason may entail. Friends are family are also guests. And there are just too many unexpected things associated with all that. There’s the pressure your friends and family will feel at your wedding, at having to both attend and “work” during that time. On the other hand, you know that they are not your staff. You think it’s easier to work with people you’re already familiar with? Try asking your friend to take 10 pictures of you without feeling like you’re ordering them around. It also greatly helps that you’ll have a contract with your chosen wedding vendor in Bali—this gives you more of a peace of mind rather than a headache.

Navigating Your Business to Success

Starting a business can be both challenging and promising. To reach success, you need to do a lot of homework because there are many factors involved. Of course, starting business doesn’t have to be big. You can start with the small one because even then it is as challenging. There is a lot of people try their hands on small business. Some of them have reached their success and others failed due to many reasons. Growing successful business is not easy because it takes time. However, it is worth once you can establish growing business and expand it gradually.

How to navigate your business to success

Every business owner must have different plan and strategies on how they handle their business. It is because every individual has different potential, skills, and opportunities that affect how they reach their success. Here are some tips to navigate your business to success:

The very basic thing to do when starting a business no matter how small or big is to write a plan. It is like a map and your business is like your car. You need to navigate your car to reach your destination. A map can help you with finding the right direction so you will have smooth path. In your business plan, you need to outline strategies, objectives, financial setting, marketing plan, and other important factors. You don’t have to make it complicated. Write a plan that you can truly understand of where you are going and what you are getting into.

Sticking to your plan is good. However, you need to be flexible with it too because things change and the unexpected happens inevitably. You need to make clear objective and strategies from the start. However, be ready with backup plan because there is possibility of things gone wrong even when you have made precautions thoroughly.

Running business is not for selfish people with big ego. It is for those who are willing to learn and listen. Keep in mind that you can run out of ideas managing your business. If you are unwilling to ask or listen to advisor, you will be in big trouble. They have skills, knowledge, and experience you can rely on to navigate your business in the right direction. Remember that this is not about you but your business. You need to treat your business like one and avoid using your personal and emotional feeling.

Create the system that can help you navigating your business automatically. It is also important to keep tracking the performance of your business including yourself, your employees, and cash flow. This allows you to control your business properly. This is also a great way to prevent from costly mistakes because you can fix things immediately before it gets too big to deal with.

Be friendly with advanced technology like internet because it is one of the most powerful tools you can use to navigate your business to success in the long run. Besides, it is also cost efficient. You can build your network to improve your business.