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Out Of The Box Strategies In Property Business Marketing

In every kind of business, marketing strategy is important and its role plays significantly. It is just the same when it comes to real estate business. Marketing strategy is one of the most important keys you should have and should not lose.

Out Of The Box Strategies In Property Business Marketing


Before going further to find out the most effective marketing strategy in property business, it is important to know what it really means by marketing. It is a term used by many people in various subjects. No matter how wide or complicated the meaning of marketing is, you can always grasp to the most important point of it. Marketing means to introduce your brand. That is the main point but it is not the end of the process of marketing. There are many things involved before it is called as successful marketing strategy.


Out of the box marketing strategies in property business

In many circumstances, it is often that businesses focus more on the solution instead of the problem. While it is not totally wrong, there is another alternative to think the opposite. When you focus more on finding the solution, you must have not realized that the problem may reoccur someday and the same solution may not be as effective as the first time you use it due to different circumstances. Meanwhile, you can find more innovative and creative results when you focus more on the problems. This will lead you to find more effective strategies in dealing with business property issues.

Having edgy marketing strategies doesn’t mean you leave the conventional ones. The traditional strategies are still important to use as fundamental though. However, having edgy and out of the box strategies may give you more benefits in building your business. Thus, there is no hurt to use unconventional ones.

One of the most out of the box strategies is submitting an original content to more powerful outlet besides your own business’s webpage. Most people use social media as the best tool to raise brand awareness. However, it is not a bad idea to trust larger outlet. You can write something original related to your industry. You will be able to link back from the outlet site to your business webpage. Thus, it drives the traffic to your site in return. This strategy is effective and you should try it especially when you have ability to write well.

Next out of the box strategy in marketing your property business is flaunting. What should you flaunt? Well, you can flaunt your success by showing what you have achieved. It doesn’t mean you have to be obnoxious. The point is, you show the world that you are a capable person and you have gained success by your own effort. This is a way to how off yourself in the market. While you flaunt yourself in social media, make sure not to drag down others by belittling other’s achievement and just focus on yourself. This is also effective to show others that you are confident in your business and it will surely attract potential leads or clients.


Are You Fit to Sail with Komodo Cruise?

Finally, you have enough time and resources to sail with your dream Komodo cruise after a long wait. You cannot wait to finally set your foot to the breathtaking Padar’s outcrop and meet the dragons. The stylish, nautical cabin you’ve been glared on screen for the past few weeks is waiting. After all the effort and hassles of tour arrangement, now you deserve the treat.

Are You Fit to Sail with Komodo Cruise?

Some people, however, somehow forget that everyone on board are in for a treat. Unless you are booking a honeymoon-style boat for two, you gonna share the boat with ±8-10 other people. For couple of days ahead, they will be your travel-mates, boat-mates, diving-mates, and all the like. Proper etiquette is very essential to maintain peace and relaxing atmosphere on board. Ask yourself; are you really fit for a sailing trip?

An Everyone’s Guide to Not Be ‘That Guy’ Onboard Komodo Cruise

1. Dominating The Favorite Spot on Board

Your dream Komodo cruise was perfect in everything. It has that chic boat chairs and cushions with all teakwood floor that’s gonna be perfect for enjoying the scenery. Or striking fabulous vacation photos. But you are not the only one who wanted to enjoy the spot. It’s okay to sit on the spot once in a while and give others a turn. Dominating the same prime spot all the time can bring jealousy into the surface, especially when others paid the same amount of price as you.

2. Sharing is Caring

Boat trip with Komodo cruise is all about sharing. If you cannot share, you simply cannot sail. You need to share spaces, foods, drinks, and toilet with everyone on board. Snacks—usually served after dives or hikes—are limited, so try to not munch them all to yourself. Sharing spaces, aside of communal one, is even more essential if share a cabin with 2 or more people. Some Komodo cruise of the lower class even have small space cabins cramped with tiny bunkbeds, which make it essential to share the limited space for everyone.

3. Late and Make Everyone Waits

A Komodo cruise excursion is almost identical with tight schedule. There are so much amazing places in Komodo National Park to visit and too little time available. Especially when you only take 3D2N excursion with all diving, hiking, and beach excursion included. Nothing can be more irritating than waiting for that persons who literally took their time taking photos, forgetting the arranged itinerary behind their head. They could be out on the way to catch the spectacular sunset in Padar—but no. They are still on the dock because someone hasn’t even climb down Gili Lawa’s hills.

4. Tidy Up!

We cannot stress more about the limited space on Komodo cruise with all the guests and crews on board. Try to not make a mess, especially in communal spaces. Whenever you spill a liquid keep everyone from stepping on it until it’s cleaned. Store things neatly after you use it, all the time. Do not leave any personal thing on the dock or communal quarters. No one wants to see your private belongings scattered all around as if you are the one who own the boat.

5. Complaining All the Time

How do you feel to be with someone who always find something to complain about? Being with chronic complainers is utterly exhausting. It can bring everyone’s mood down and emerge unpleasant atmosphere onboard. Complainers can quickly ruin the moment with their negativity and prevent happiness to stay for long. And in a long and tight-scheduled Komodo excursion, everyone’s energy can quickly drained and people feel tired sooner than usual. That’s why maintaining positivity is crucial—everyone on board must be responsible for the cruise’s peace.

Factors to Evaluate a City for Real Estate Investment

Purchasing properties for investment is one of the most popular methods in increasing your net worth and building wealth. Unlike other methods of investment, houses or properties cannot be moved, and therefore, location matters a lot. Geographical, societal, and economical factors all play a role in determining the value of the location, and therefore, the value of your properties. Location is arguably the most important factor when it comes to purchasing a property for investment. There are several common factors that could be observed when it comes to evaluating a region or a city for real estate investment.

It’s important to note that everything is linked. The aspects of value should always take into account aspects of human life. Things such as employment, population growth, city developments, and a wide variety of factors all play a role. Observing the market as a society a whole is key. Let’s start with some of the common factors in evaluating a city for real estate investment.

Employment growth

People’s capability to purchase or rent is highly dependent on their financial state that determines their capability of buying. Companies and businesses that grow are signs of an area that flourish. The growth of the percentage of the city’s number of employment each year is indicative of employment growth that often affect the real estate market greatly.

Population growth

The increase in population is something that clearly has a direct impact in the housing market. The population growth is observed annually, viewing the percentage in the city’s population each year. Migration trend is something to look out for.

Infrastructure development

An intrinsic sign that a city or a region is growing financially is changes on its infrastructure brought about by development. You may spot roads being built, or a brand new bridge just finished constructing, or even just several new houses in the neighborhood, that may indicate a high demand in housing in the area.

Rental Yield

Compared to the property’s market value, the profit of how much rental pays is a direct indication of how much an investor could obtain rental income. Rental prices may not always reflect home prices in many areas, so make sure to do your research and find out, and possibly observe what may affect the trend. Regions with a high populations of students or young workers are sometimes the cause of the high rental yield. Not to mention, due to inflation, although home prices grow slowly, rent prices may increase rapidly due to inflation. Rental and home family markets sometimes can be very disconnected.

Increase in home values

The increase in home values is observed through how long it would take for home prices to go up each year. The median value of the inventory in the housing market is commonly observed. The length of time homes are on an active listing is one of the indications in the speed of home value. The overall factors affect the resale value of a house.

Economic diversity

While employment growth plays an important role in the state of the real estate market, economic diversity may just be as important. Economic diversity is observed through employment rates across a wide range of sectors, as opposed to a region dominated by a single industry. Places with only a sole industry dominating the region pose higher risks in the long run. Regions with a diverse economic sectors are much less risky, especially those with established industries. The examples of economically diverse cities are California, Texas, Sacramento, etc.

Tasting The Profit Of Bean Bag Chairs Production

In today’s modern era, living and office spaces are increasingly limited. This is the reason why choosing the right furniture. The mistake of choosing furniture makes your home and office unpleasant. The atmosphere of home and office help shape the mood.

Bean Bag Chairs

A relaxed atmosphere at home, in the office or anywhere, can be easily created. Furniture is one of the determining factors in creating comfort and a sense of relaxation. The solution to choosing furniture is multifunctional. Bean bag chairs modern, trendy and multifunctional furniture solutions. Not only designed as a furniture but also as a beautiful decoration.

Bean bag chairs are tiny furniture, mobility, as a solution to fill your tiny space. They are a type of sofa without a frame that can be occupied flexibly following the user’s body shape. Shaped like a large bag filled with Styrofoam.

Some of the advantages of bean bag chairs:

  • Light
  • Moveable
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Water Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Trendy
  • Comfortable

Bean Bag Chairs As A Profit Field

Making bean bags can be done in 30 minutes. Is it true? If you pay attention, this is a large cloth sewn and filled with styrofoam. You can try making a bean bag pattern and looking for a convection to sew it. For filling, only requires 1 kg, where the price is very cheap.

Why not think about producing and selling it? This is a simple process that requires precision. The important thing to note is the quality of the cover material used. Considering they are indoor and outdoor furniture, then look for the type of material that is waterproof, fire resistant, comfortable and not hot.

To attract buyers, you can design bean bag chairs with 2 colors, so that it looks unique. Using 1 color will make bean bag chairs look elegant. Receiving customized bookings can help your sales market.

Prices of bean bag chairs on the market range from $ 70 – $ 100 and even more. While the material you need can be found cheap if you buy on a large scale. The margin you receive can reach 40% in a month.

You also separate indoor and outdoor types. Surely the cover material used will be different. For outdoor, it is better to use canvas fabric because it is strong and flexible. As for indoor, use velvet or other materials that are easy to clean. You can also look for designs for children. Bean bag chairs are perfect furniture for all ages. Bean bag chairs provide comfort for others and also huge profits for you as a seller.

Getting to Know Eco-Houses and How They Can Improve Your Life

Going environmentally friendly starting from the place you’d spend a great deal of your time on is a good move, especially when you’re considering buying or renting a living space. Eco-houses or eco-home is something that you’d hear often when the environment friendly topic comes up.  Eco-home is the term for living spaces designed and built to reduce its environmental impact. There are no fixed criteria on what makes an eco-house. However in general, eco-houses have several common characteristics or features.

Better thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is one of the major factors in reducing the usage of energy, especially during extreme climates during winters and summers. Better insulation results in less energy consumption to control indoor temperature. It reduces the needs for electricity, natural gas, fuel oils, and other energy sources to heat or cool buildings.

Better levels of daylights

Too little or too much sun affect the usage of electricity greatly. The sun considerably affect the consumption of light and temperature-controlling devices. Building houses with a healthy access to sunlight is a major key in designing and building eco-houses.

Passive solar orientation

Solar houses are not just fancy names used in real estate marketing. Solar houses is an integral part when it comes to better, environmental living. The concept of these houses have existed since ancient times and it’s a strong fundamental in developing human dwellings. Passive solar orientation ensures the house receive a healthy amount of sun, making this house strategic for receiving a good amount of heat during winters, and shaded in such a way to protect against the summer heat.

Energy consumption from renewable resources

Natural renewable resources refers to resources that could be reproduced either through naturally recurring process or biological reproduction. Renewable resources commonly used at houses are solar energy, biomass, and heat pump.

Uses natural materials

Avoid the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVCs/PVCu) or other plastics. The waste and carbon impacts of such products to the environment is enormous and negative. One of the mejor house components that could use natural materials would be insulation. Fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation, mineral wool, and cellulose are among good natural ingredients for thermal insulation.

Strategically uses plants for house improvement

Plants are the best natural devices when it comes to key factors in protecting and improving the house. Plants help regulate temperature, help block the winter winds and provides shade from the harsh summer sun. Plants are also excellent in purifying the air. It also helps reduce noises by blocking the outside noise. Planting evergreens and shrubs not only help improve the quality of your house, they also provide privacy.

Bali Scuba, Things To Do When Holiday

For a long time, Bali has been ranked high as a world tourism destination. Bali’s unique culture and stunning scenery are the reason why Bali is always visited for a long time. One of the challenging activities that have been present since 86 years ago is surfing. Bali is a world-class surfing competition. Another challenging activity that became popular in the eyes of the world is diving.

Bali Scuba

Bali has an exotic climate so that throughout the year is the best time to visit. Diving is an activity that was recently added as a tourist destination. Bali scuba, a popular adventure able to rank the world’s top 10 largest. Along with the popularity of Bali dive, there are many dive centers standing to guide you through the underwater world. Diving packages are offered at various prices, adjusted for the length of time for diving.

Another plus is that you don’t need to switch hotels to dive. Diving packages from dive centers usually include drop-offs and pickups. All dive schedules will be designed for dive centers. You just come and prepare to start diving. Spot Bali scuba offered is adjusted to the level of diving.

Not all Bali scuba spots can be explored. You must adjust to the level of certificate you have. The higher your dive level, the deeper you dive. Stunning and breathtaking scenery under the sea of Bali will be the best part of your vacation experience.

There are no divers who refuse to explore the USAT Liberty shipwreck. They are wrecks that are easy to find. Another Bali scuba dive spot is Coral Garden which is located adjacent to USAT Liberty. USAT Liberty and coral garden are not the only diving spots in Bali. There are many more spots that you can explore.

Apart from diving, there are many more you can do in Bali. Visiting the countryside, seeing the Bali irrigation system which is a UNESCO site. Or you can enjoy the cool air in the Ubud area. Trying to calm your mind by studying spiritual Bali can be a unique experience. Various other interesting activities such as visiting traditional colored markets, visiting sacred temples, and others.

Bali scuba, one of the activities you must do while on vacation. Visiting Bali is incomplete if you do not do activities that are much in demand by world tourists. Bali scuba with various underwater creatures is very pleasant. Give your own experience and adventure.

How to Buy Second Investment Property

Buying second investment property is not a bad idea. However, it is important to know more about it first before spend any money for it. There is misunderstanding about second home and investment property. Both are different things so you are not supposed to mix them up. The aim of buying second investment property is to expand your business. In the end, you have your own financial goal to achieve. Thus, this way can help you achieve it.

Tips to buy second investment property

A second home is utilized as a primary residence while property has investment purposes. Therefore, both are two different things that should not be mixed up. If you are going to expand your property business, what you need to buy is investment property not second home. Investment property aims to generate income by taking benefit from tax. Most of investment properties include rental property, commercial property, and fix and flip property. Here are some easy tips before you buy your second investment property:

  • Before buying our second investment property, you need to make sure that you have already achieved steady flow cash from your first property. This will at least keep you at the bay while you are trying to manage your finance for another investment. If you invest in second property while your first property’s cash flow has not been steady enough, you will expand problem not opportunities to get better business.
  • It is important to save enough funds each month so you have budget for emergencies such as sudden repairs. Remember that when you invest in second property, the possibility of emergencies is doubled up. It is also essential to calculate a projected return. Remember that you have financial goal to achieve when you choose to buy second investment property.
  • If you feel like lack of experience or knowledge about your target market, make sure you work with trusted and reliable real estate agents. They know exactly the situation in the market so they can help you set your target market along with effective strategies.
  • When you are confident enough to go to the next step, you can consider adding value to your property. You can make some improvements and ass square footage if necessary. You can do it on your way but make sure that in the end you can add the value to your property.
  • Since this investment use tax benefits to grow more, you may need assistance from the CPA. Work with professionals like this will allow you to understand more about your taxes. Remember that you have two properties to manage. The taxes will be more complicated as well. That is why you need to work with the CPA.

Buying a second investment property is good idea but also challenging. It can be a proof of your achievement in your property business. However, you may have some worries about going failed after being successful with your first investment property. However, you can do it well if you make the right decision through thorough consideration.

Reasons Bali Family Villas Ideal For Vacations

Accommodation is important and determines the level of holiday success. Bali, a tourist destination that is increasingly popular in the eyes of the world. Increasing demand for accommodation has made many luxury hotels or villas appear. Bali, a tropical paradise that is packed increasingly attractive for family vacations, solo traveling, business meetings and more. What is special, Bali has many accommodation options.

Bali Family Villas

Bali family villas are the ideal accommodation for holidays. The choice of bedrooms can be adjusted according to needs. This is a place where you and your family can relax, refresh your mind and body. Bali family villas really safeguard the privacy of your vacation. A beautiful and spreading beach is one of Bali’s advantages, considering that Bali is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Uniquely, you can find Bali family villas with a direct view of the Indian Ocean.

The Secret of Luxury Bali Family Villas

In general, Bali family villas are different from hotels or resorts. More villas are just bedrooms and private bathrooms. They have a living room, family room, private pool, spacious yard and kitchen and equipment. The villa market segment is for expat, honeymoon and family vacations. Bali family villas provide a comfortable and calm atmosphere. Usually, villas are located in local residential areas. This is a separate experience for tourists. Seeing the daily activities of local people is something very interesting.

In addition to accommodation, location selection is also very important. If you want a quiet and relaxing vacation during your vacation, then you can choose Bali family villas in Ubud or Uluwatu. It is wrong if you choose a crowded and chaotic area like Kuta, Seminyak. The advantage if you choose Seminyak, Kuta, and surrounding areas, you have easy access to reach bars, clubs or other nightlife.

Staying at Bali family villas is fun. You can enjoy many activities close to the villa. Arum rapids is a challenging activity. If your villa is in Ubud location, you can do rafting activities. Rice terrace is the attraction offered in Ubud. Enjoying a cup of warm coffee with rice terrace views will be a perfect holiday.

Unlike in Seminyak, Kuta, and surrounding areas, where luxury and prestigious villas to spoil you. Seminyak is a popular area among smart travelers. There is a lot of fun if you decide to rent Bali family villas in Seminyak. You will easily reach the beach easily, shop, or enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner from international restaurants.

Finding Alternatives in Funding Strategies for Your Property Business Deals

Funding is important issue when it comes to business deals including in property business. It is highly recommended that you can find alternatives in funding strategies for your property business deals. Funding your deal means you need to gather more access to capital. This way, you will be allowed to make any offers. Being new investor means that the hurdle in finding alternatives to fund the deals is even more challenging. Thus, it is important that you are more creative in finding alternatives. This is about how you know exactly where to look because the capita; is basically everywhere. Don’t let lack of cash makes you hesitate in sealing the deals.

Alternatives in funding strategies for your property business deals

As mentioned earlier that being creative can help you find the best alternatives to fund your deals in property business. There are several options you can take to fund the deals. You just need to choose the one that you think is the right alternative to take. Make sure you manage your finance as well so there won’t be any hassle in the future. Here are some alternatives you can choose:

  • There is a chance you can fund your deals by borrowing from retirement funds. This alternative works for certain investors. However, it is important to keep in mind that understanding the penalties and fees beforehand is a must. You need to know what your deal is as well. If you choose rental property, you need to maintain the cash flow to stay steady. Through this alternative, you will also gain tax benefits.
  • Next alternative in funding strategies for your property business deals is your portfolio. You need to remember that your property may hold the equity you can use as alternative to fund your deal. For the best options available in this alternative, you can go for the credit. This way, you will only repay the money you used. This is great option because the set of fees is minimal. On the other hand, you will still be able to take large portion of cash out of your property.
  • There is another alternative to fund property business deal that people may not think of due to risky proposition. It is to use credit card. However, you need to keep in mind to only use this option if your card has new zero percent rates. You need to be more careful about the possibility of increasing rates.
  • Next alternative is to find private money by finding someone who is willing to invest in property. This is quite challenging but there’s still opportunity you should take. You can do various strategies such as posting on social media, or sending emails to acquaintance or friends. This leads you to have contacts that show interest. Then, you just need to specify the deals to your potential investor. If this works, it can lead to strong working network. This is one of the safest funding strategies for your property business deals.

5 Functions Of Villa Agency In Bali

Buying or selling a house takes a lot of time in the process. If you want to find a house or villa, using a brokerage service will make things easier. Investment is the best way to make a profit. Villa, one of the most popular investments. The investment price of a villa varies according to several factors. The area of land, facilities, or a number of rooms is a factor in the value of selling or renting a villa.

Finding a villa in Bali is not an easy matter. Rows of villas at various prices can make you a little stunned. Bali is one of the destinations with the highest property prices in Indonesia. As a tourist destination, it is not surprising that land in Bali continues to decrease.

Villa agency in Bali can be one of the right ways to help you get the best investment. You don’t need to bother with all the documents for selling or buying a villa. Brokers will do it for all of you, you just have to pay a fee as agreed with the villa agency in Bali. Some of the functions of a villa agency in Bali that give you benefits.

Managing documents

When the transaction value has been agreed, the next step is to take care of the letter related to buying and selling. Some letters that need to be taken care of are land ownership letters, land and building tax letters. Renaming cannot be done only with property owners. You must do this with a notary or official deed of a land certificate. This is to become a legal force. As for the processing of letters, the villa agency in Bali can do it for you.

Promote your villa

Renting or selling a villa is not as easy as expected. Property fraud occurs mostly due to high market interest. The most difficult thing to sell or rent a villa is to promote it. Villa agency in Bali is an expert in promoting villas and does not take long. The faster the promotion process is done, the faster you get profit.

Looking for a Seller or Buyer

Buyers sometimes find it difficult to determine a location that fits the budget. When you promote villas, villa agencies in Bali will be a perfect selling facility. When buyers make contact with the villa agency, they will get a villa recommendation that fits the budget. This will benefit all parties, both sellers, buyers and villa agencies.

Monitor Villa

What do you mean by monitoring the villa? Villa agency in Bali will ensure your villa is in good condition so it is worth selling. Whereas for the buyer, the villa agency in Bali will provide the best service by offering villas that are suitable to be occupied.

As Investment Manager

Villa investment is wise and profitable. Given the higher purchase and sale of villas in Bali. The function of the villa agency in Bali is to provide analysis of villa investments, both losses, and profits. So you can invest safely.