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A Daring Honeymoon in Komodo Cruise

Secluded villas and beautiful beach houses often pop to mind when you are thinking about honeymoon. But what if you can take the romantic seclusion game to the next level? What if you can walk into different pristine beaches everyday? You hear it right. Welcome to Komodo cruise, where a sunny honeymoon dream come in the rawest form.

A Daring Honeymoon in Komodo Cruises

Ditching the traditional template of honeymoon, it’s only natural if you start wondering. Will a honeymoon in wooden cruise can actually be viable? Can you get your daily needs served just as you would in a hotel room?

Waking Up in Surreal Morning

You cannot stop unbelieving that you’ve said the vow to your other half. Waking up next to them still feel magical even a week after the reception party passed. Now, as you slowly open up your eyes, lines of copper pre-dawn lights seeps solemnly in your wooden cabin. Before you fully comprehend what’s happening, the room suddenly rock softly. The memory suddenly hits you—you have booked a three days sailing trip across the exotic Komodo. Now you lie back comfortably, recalling the wedding days as the curtains waves with the breeze. Your spouse stirs sleepily. They will wake up in no time and meanwhile, you can relax back to watch the cabin slowly get flooded by golden lights.

Polite Crew That Blends Perfectly with the Shadows

You are pretty sure you have meet all the crews before the ship set to sail. But it still amaze you how the crews seemingly blends into the ship itself unless when you need something—or on the meal time. Or when you need them to take that Instagram-perfect hoenymoon shot with your beloved partner. Now that your partner is still sleeping, you don’t want to disturb the scene and just immersed in the seclusion, letting all the crews run the boat in piece. You know that soon than enough, yummy breakfast will appear in the table and the crews will be more than ready for lively chit chats.

A Distinct Romantic Ambiance Only Komodo Cruise Can Give

Only after getting into your own Komodo cruise, you understand why such postnuptial vacation is so popular among celebrities. There’s something about unsaid, natural romantic vibe in a sailing trip. Maybe it’s the exquisite Phinisi design that looks like straight up from the forgotten days. Maybe it’s the boundless display of an ever-changing landscape of the raw islands. Maybe it’s the perfect loungers in the deck to sunbathe together. Whatever it is, sailing trip in such exotic land like Flores injects some dose of adventure that keep honeymoon trip alive and meaningful.

A Freedom to Create Your Own Honeymoon Story

Sure, you can take your partner to all famous holiday destination during the honeymoon vacancy. But in Komodo cruise, you can visit every jaw dropping places just in one trip. With so many untouched beauty spread in Komodo National Park, you gonna have a great freedom to create a great honeymoon story. A kissing shot in the top of Padar with the whole landscape of National Park in the background must probably get in your top list. Romantic chill in the dreamy Pink beach. Wrapped together in one blanket for a sunrise watch in Gili Lawa. And of course, taking your partner to snorkel over a vibrant coral reefs which gets very lively with abundant school of fishes in between.

Your exciting honeymoon story will get everyone back home envy. The sailing trip to wonderful Komodo is definitely a perfect way to start a new chapter with your lifetime partner.

Most Common Questions Coming from Real Estate Investors

Most Common Questions Coming from Real Estate Investors
In real estate industry, there are frequent questions asked by investors. Those questions are not only questions because they can benefits investors to improve their skills to run their real estate business. It is actually good for investors to ask some questions either they are questions that certainly almost everyone has or they are type of questions in which investors are afraid to ask. However, the goal to become successful investors should motivate them to overcome their fear and ask any questions they think are important to know. Besides, there are always answer for every questions. The most important thing is not to ask question but to find the right answer.


List of the most common and frequent questions asked by real estate investors

The experts in real estate investing always say that asking question is a good start. Asking many questions means you have more chances to improve your career and skill. Real estate investing field is a huge deal. That is why it is always right to ask some important questions before anything else. Here are some questions often pop up from investor’s mind:

How important is license for an investor?

This is frequent question asked by investor especially the beginners. There are actually advantage and disadvantage of being licensed agent. In one side, you will be able to close huge deals which earn you larger profit. You will also obtain larger network channel. On the other side though, being licensed agent is not easy to acquire since you need to invest your energy, time, and money for practice. Thus, it is the matter of individual’s goals.

What is the most effective marketing strategy?

For new investors, it takes time to see whether or not the strategy used to earn profitable deals works. It can also be overwhelming since there are many different kinds of strategy in this industry. However, it is recommended to use direct mail campaign for beginners since it’s more manageable for new investors. You can track the results of your campaign in which will help you to find the right market you will focus on.

How to generate leads to close a deal?

Closing the first deal does matter for new investors. It is a huge achievement no matter how small the profit is. It is because generating leads which can earn a deal is not easy and needs hard work. There are many strategies to apply such as using social media as marketing tool, creating website which contains content marketing, etc. You need to give clear information about your brand, service, and qualities.

How to make the right brand for my business?

Branding is indeed important in every business. That is why choosing a name as a brand is supposed to be selective. Your business brand should represent your identity, philosophy and service you offer to the customers. There is no need to rush in creating your brand. Pick the name carefully since it is kind of permanent for your business.


Komodo Boat Charter to Suit All Trip Needs

So you have planned an upcoming visit to Flores to see the world-famous Komodo dragon, and decided that you need a Komodo boat charter for the trip. It’s one of the most crucial part of the trip preparation. Because, well, your entire travelling time happens in the boat! For a multiple day trip, you will have a liveaboard experience, means that you will live on the board. You will sleep, eat, and basically do all basic daily needs inside the boat.

Komodo Boat Charter to Suit All Trip Needs

While there are dozens of Komodo liveaboard at the harbour of Labuan Bajo, finding the perfect one to charter can be quite a task. All of these boats covers wide range of category—from a basic wooden boat, simple speedboat, to luxurious liveaboard. To choose one, it’s best to identify how your Komodo trip look like, then take the right type to suit the needs.

A Simple Day Trip

Some people doesn’t really have time to spend in Labuan Bajo, but still want to see the beautiful rolling hills and the stunning 360º landscape. Some operators provide a fast boat to accommodate those who want to get a little bit taste of everything. Fast boat can reach multiple islands in fairly  shorter time. However, it might cost the convenience. The trip can be very rocky and wet—not really recommended for travelers who are prone to seasickness.

Budget liveaboard is another option for a day trip. As you don’t really need a place to sleep, a budget Komodo boat charter will do just fine. The trip might takes a little longer than fast boat, but it come with generally more pleasant experience. You can have a taste of a delightful lunch while the boat is gliding across the clear sea, a chance to dive between islands trip, or enjoying a relaxing atmosphere in the liveaboard’s loungers.

A Budget Trip

Budget liveaboard dominates the population of Komodo boat charter in Labuan Bajo. So, those who are travelling with tight budget don’t need to worry. You have plenty of option to choose! Liveaboard in this type usually covers basic accommodation—but not by sacrificing comforts. Air conditioned cabins are the standard; complete with sun deck, three times meal servings, and indoor salons.

Diving and Underwater Photography

While some travelers are drawn to Komodo’s beautiful rolling hills, ancient dragons, and secluded beaches, some other prefer to spend time exploring the well preserved, lively marine life. If the world-class diving destination is the main reasons of your trip, then look for diving liveaboard. Taking the service of diving-specialised Komodo boat charter will make the whole diving trip a lot easier. They are equipped nitrox, rinse tanks, tenders, and any necessary dive gear. Some of the best boats even have underwater camera storages and rise stations for underwater photographers!

Komdoo Boat Charter for Luxury Sailing Trip

If you are willing to splurge some budget to get the best Komodo trip experience, you’re certainly won’t get disappointed. Some of the most luxurious Komodo boat charter even get listed on world’s best cruises. You can enjoy well designed en-suite cabins with indoor bathroom, private balcony, and HD TV  for leisure entertainment. Luxury boat for charter are usually fully equipped with diving and other water sports equipments such as kayak and paddle. You can expect first-class hospitality services to give you a luxurious personal experiences onboard. Feeling tired from all the hike and dive? Luxury liveaboard usually have spa services that you can enjoy both onboard or on the nearest shores.

What is McMansion?

McMansions used to be a housing trend and was a symbol of wealth. The sheer size McMansion houses have is quite a stark contrast among all other types of houses. However “McMansion” is largely a pejorative term, despite most of the houses classified into the luxury housing categories.

McMansion denotes a fast-fashion much like the fast-food joint, McDonald’s. It’s a mass-produced houses that rose to popularity in the 80s. The marketers often refer to these houses as executive homes or “tract mansions”. Mcmansions are most often found in the suburban area where population is low in density, in other words, in the residential area. These mansions are sometimes also called as “starter castle” and “garage mahal”, the latter denoting the often oversized garages that can fit more than three cars at once.

Some of the most apparent characteristics of McMansions are poor design practices, poor architectural execution, use of low quality materials, as well as poor craftsmanship. A lot of McMansions have mismatched architectural elements and style, often making certain elements of the house so out of place. Roof style mismatch is one of the most common McMansion characteristics.

A lot of the elements of the house are for mere cosmetic use, instead of serving a real purpose. A common example is house pillars. Often times, they are merely plastered on, without any real not practical use. Pillars are often considered to show the image of “wealth”, and McMansions have a lot of these.

Turrets are one of the most common of these “illusions of wealth” McMansion sports. The blog pointed out that turrets are “obligatory”. Often, turrets are also merely half-turrets, or an attached part of the house shaped to mimic a turret; making it a half turret, or as mcmansionhell described it, a fake turret.

There are a lot of stick-on elements that simply exist for the sake of being an accessory of the house, except for the fact that they’re often an eyesore. Fake window covers are commonplace. The sizes of the covers themselves are also often disproportionate to the size of the windows, making it seem as if the builders don’t spare a thought at all to the designing and building of the house.

McMansions also seemed to be falling out of favor. McMansions were once considered great investments in the 80s and 90s. However in the housing crash in 2007, not a lot of people are capable nor willing to purchase McMansions. The larger the house, the bigger the tax , as well as everything associated with the maintenance. There was an analysis by Trilia that shows people who are willing to pay for McMansions decreased considerably in a mere four years.

There is also the fact that Millennials are not yet “settling down”. Millennial are also known to have far smaller interest in marrying and having kids, and those that do, do them at a much slower rate compared to the generations before them.


How To Find A Good Bali Villas For Sale

Bali is a popular destination in Indonesia. Based on statistics in 2018, as many as 2.8 million tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists, visit Bali. Not counting those who decide to live in Indonesia. No doubt property prices are increasing every year. Don’t expect to get accommodation at easy prices, especially during high season. This is the reason why Bali villas for sale are hunted a lot.

Do you want to find Bali villas for sale? You have at least 2 options available. You can search through the internet or through trusted property agents. You can rely on knowledge, contact the property agent to get a villa.

If you have a little knowledge about property and conditions in Bali, you should look for someone who is reliable and can help you. Hiring a property agent looking for Bali villas for sale has its own advantages. They know exactly and in detail everything related to the condition of Bali. Their relationship with the owner allows Bali villas for sale according to your budget.

Property agents can easily give you a choice of villas according to your budget. You can talk to the property agent to say what you have in your mind. In the process, they will help narrow down the choices you really want. Allows you to get a furnished villa.

If you don’t have a property agent that is recommended to do research on the web for a trusted property agent. It should be noted that trusted property agents include a lot of information about the company. Starting from contacts, services up to their clients before. You can call and listen to information on how to do their work. Scheduling a meeting is the next stage if you can trust the property agent concerned. Contacting their client before can help a little to know how reliable they are in the process.

If you have experience in hunting for property, either measuring the condition of the villa or the market price, you can search through the internet and see a list of Bali villas for sale. If you are not familiar with the area in Bali, it’s a good idea to visit and survey the location of the villa. Looking at day or night gives an idea of how strategic the location of Bali villas for sale you want. This is a way to find good Bali villas for sale and might be the start of a business for you.

What is Virtual Home Staging and What are the Benefits?

Home staging is a crucial step to marketing a house; and for some, it’s an integral process. There is the matter of cost and practicality, however, when sometimes, the traditional method of home staging is simply not a viable option. This is where virtual staging come to play and help you do most of the weightlifting in making your home presentable, and beyond that, desirable.

Staging at its core is done in order to assist both sellers and buyers. Through home staging, sellers are able to showcase their properties at the best light, with the right help. Buyers benefitted from the sense of livability and in envisioning how their furnitures would fit best in a room; it’s a good start in getting the sense of scales of the house, even before actually stepping foot into it.

Virtual home staging help sellers show the potential of their real estate properties, and consequently, they help buyers see the potential of the listing. In a highly competitive market, home staging is simply a sensible thing to do. Empty rooms on photos simply look so much less appealing on a listing—and there are possibly hundreds of similar houses with similar rooms; without staging, it’s often difficult to stand out.

Home staging has been known to significantly increase listing’s traffics. It’s reported that 30% rise on web traffic to the listing’s page occurred after a virtual staging. Virtual staging are not simply capable of filling an empty room with well-placed furnitures and lighting; staging virtually also allows you to remove existing furnitures on your photos with new ones. That is, without the cost of a new furniture, of course. A lot of services allow you to chose furnitures or even furniture styles from their pre-existing libraries to improve your home listing. Some allows you to order custom furnitures altogether. Virtual staging in itself is highly customizable across every aspect.

Home staging is way cheaper

Compared to traditional staging that often cost anywhere between 2,000 USD to 5,000 USD depending on the project, virtual home staging is tons of times cheaper. Prices range between 65 USD to 75 USD per photo, more or less, sometimes depending on the service or on the company that offered it.

No heavy lifting

Literally no heavy lifting on your part as everything is all done virtually. Preparing a home for sale before you move out can disrupt your routine by a large degree. Virtual home staging allows you to have your usual routine without being bothered by activities such as moving furnitures, re-painting, wallpaper applications et cetera. You also won’t have to keep your furnitures rotated for a long time like the case with traditional home staging, as it takes sometime for a transaction to come to a close.

However, you need to remember to label your listing photos correctly. Honestly mention that the pictures showed in your listing are virtually staged. Be transparent with your potential homebuyers. They’d value it a lot during their home search.

Bali Diving Packages, A Great Budget For Enjoy Underwater

Bali diving packages take you to discover the amazing underwater panorama and mystery. Quality diving providers with dedicated diving facilities offer an unforgettable experience. Bali is the best diving destination in the world that you should not miss. A variety of beautiful and unique underwater species will accompany your dives. What are the benefits of Bali diving packages?

Bali Diving Packages

Diving is very troublesome. This is true. There are many things that must be prepared before diving. You have to carry a tank, mask, regulator, buoyancy compensation device, frog legs, and many others. This is the reason why Bali diving packages are very important.

Bali diving packages are widely offered through the dive center. Each dive center offers packages at different prices. Diving packages are also a way to improve your diving abilities. The more you dive, the better your diving skills will be. Don’t get the wrong Bali diving packages. Although it’s easy to find a dive center, not all provide the best facilities.

There are times when the dive center only chases profit without paying attention to the diver’s satisfaction. This makes a bad image for the world of diving. They are not given the opportunity to explore the science of diving as well as possible. What they give is just a module, practice the pond and go to the open sea. A highly recommended dive center that is able to make divers understand unlimited diving skills.

Bali is one of the best Asian diving spot icons. For those of you who have never dived, Bali is the right place. The calm waters of Bali are very safe for beginner divers. Some spots do have strong currents but do not rule out the possibility of diving, especially for professional divers.

Bali diving packages provide many benefits. Dive centers will provide all your diving needs. Pick-up and drop-off from or to the hotel, tanks, diving equipment, boats, guides, and lunch. All are included in the Bali diving packages.

Bali is perfect for your vacation. When you need to enjoy the tranquility of a vacation, Bali offers Ubud as the right place for relaxation. When you need water activities, you can enjoy diving, skating or snorkeling. Bali is best for lovers of the underwater world, the treasure is hiding under a calm surface. Bali diving packages are best for divers, both beginners and professionals. Safety when diving is the main. Dive package instructors will ensure your safety and safety.

Build Your Property Business by Working Smart

To achieve your goal, hard work is essential and everybody agrees with this. However, there is something more effective to achieve your goal aside from working hard. It is work smart that will help you reach your goal in your business. Working hard is important but working smart is efficient. Surely working hard is useful but it doesn’t guarantee your achievement. Meanwhile, working smart will help you work efficiently without wasting much time to achieve your goal. Besides, working smart today is not impossible because technology has made it easier for you to do so. You can pick your ideal shortcuts to reach your destination in property business.

How to work smart in building property business?

Working smart doesn’t necessarily need superior brain. Having high IQ is not what work smart supposed to mean. For more understanding about how to work smart in building your property business efficiently, here are some useful tips you can try to implement yourself:

  • First important thing to do is to make list of what you should do and need in order to build your business. It is essential that you list things from the very bottom to the very top. By focusing in making list, you will be able to notice many things in details. The list includes plans, strategies, possible issue, solutions, relation, connection, and many more things you consider important to be included on the list. You need to take your time in making list so that you don’t miss any aspect.
  • Determine the right order of priorities you have based on the list you have made earlier. After making the list, it is time for you to arrange them in the right order based on the urgency. You need to mark which one hold highest priority and which one that you can push aside for a while. This helps you focus in finishing tasks efficiently without wasting too much time. You will be able to work productively by knowing the priority. It is more accomplishment when you can tackle down one major task instead of tackling dozen small tasks. What is the point of working hard if you cannot accomplish any of important tasks?
  • Do things that you are best at and let others handle what they are best at as well. It means that you should be able to delegate in accomplishing tasks related to your property business. This way, you can reach your goal efficiently. If you force yourself to try finishing the task you are not good at, you just waste precious time. You should try to trust your partners in this matter.
  • Instead of trying to do many tasks at once, it is better to finish one task at a time. Carrying too many bags in one step won’t lead you anywhere because you cannot focus on your step. Therefore, try to finish what you start then you can go on to another task after. This will also help you more focus because you won’t think of another task while finishing the one at your hand.

Does Scuba Diving Bali Price Worth To Get A Great Pleasure?

Highlighting the development of the diving world is certainly related to something expensive. When diving hasn’t boomed as it is now, they are indeed expensive activities. In fact, scuba diving offers an amazing experience. Many people dream of doing it but caring about a question is the same. What is the cost of scuba diving? This question is indeed a factor that needs to be considered.

Scuba Diving Bali Price

If you search on the internet, there are many diving packages that when this offers reasonable prices. For beginners, the initial costs can vary according to the level and equipment requirements. Bali is the choice of many amateur and professional divers. Many dive centers are under the world’s popular dive organizations to make your dives valuable.

Many factors make scuba diving Bali price varied. Starting from the price of training, rental of equipment, up to the price of the dive tour itself.

Scuba Diving Bali Price For Training

This is the initial fee that comes into play for beginner divers. Initial training consists of a basic understanding of diving sessions, practice in the swimming pool and diving in open water. After completing all three stages, you will get a diving certificate. After that, you can upgrade the level of different training costs. Total of scuba diving Bali price for beginners ranges from $ 300 – $ 600. The price of each dive center will vary. For this reason, comparing one dive center to another helps save your initial costs.

Equipment & Boat Prices

This is the beginning of scuba diving playing with the actual costs. Scuba equipment is not cheap and requires the best equipment for diving safety. The best when you want to dive through packages from the dive center, including diving equipment. This fee will be cheaper. Compared to buying diving equipment, you have to pay $ 750 – $ 2000 depending on their brand and quality.

The advantage of scuba diving Bali price from dive centers cheaply is always there. Each dive center has the best offer for each package. This includes diving, boat, lunch, drop off and pick up equipment from or to the hotel. Try to find a dive center with the all in the package. If not, you have to pay $ 75 to $ 150 for diving two basic tanks. Or you are required to add to pay for diving insurance.

The best dive center is to provide prices without deception. The price offered includes all diving equipment, transportation, boats, lunch, insurance, tubes, and others. Make sure you get Bali scuba diving prices without adding any cost. Scuba diving Bali price is worth you pay for the greatest pleasure.

Out Of The Box Strategies In Property Business Marketing

In every kind of business, marketing strategy is important and its role plays significantly. It is just the same when it comes to real estate business. Marketing strategy is one of the most important keys you should have and should not lose.

Out Of The Box Strategies In Property Business Marketing


Before going further to find out the most effective marketing strategy in property business, it is important to know what it really means by marketing. It is a term used by many people in various subjects. No matter how wide or complicated the meaning of marketing is, you can always grasp to the most important point of it. Marketing means to introduce your brand. That is the main point but it is not the end of the process of marketing. There are many things involved before it is called as successful marketing strategy.


Out of the box marketing strategies in property business

In many circumstances, it is often that businesses focus more on the solution instead of the problem. While it is not totally wrong, there is another alternative to think the opposite. When you focus more on finding the solution, you must have not realized that the problem may reoccur someday and the same solution may not be as effective as the first time you use it due to different circumstances. Meanwhile, you can find more innovative and creative results when you focus more on the problems. This will lead you to find more effective strategies in dealing with business property issues.

Having edgy marketing strategies doesn’t mean you leave the conventional ones. The traditional strategies are still important to use as fundamental though. However, having edgy and out of the box strategies may give you more benefits in building your business. Thus, there is no hurt to use unconventional ones.

One of the most out of the box strategies is submitting an original content to more powerful outlet besides your own business’s webpage. Most people use social media as the best tool to raise brand awareness. However, it is not a bad idea to trust larger outlet. You can write something original related to your industry. You will be able to link back from the outlet site to your business webpage. Thus, it drives the traffic to your site in return. This strategy is effective and you should try it especially when you have ability to write well.

Next out of the box strategy in marketing your property business is flaunting. What should you flaunt? Well, you can flaunt your success by showing what you have achieved. It doesn’t mean you have to be obnoxious. The point is, you show the world that you are a capable person and you have gained success by your own effort. This is a way to how off yourself in the market. While you flaunt yourself in social media, make sure not to drag down others by belittling other’s achievement and just focus on yourself. This is also effective to show others that you are confident in your business and it will surely attract potential leads or clients.