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What You Need To Do Before Open Up Your Villa for Rent


The best thing from owning a home holiday is that you can turn your property into your own holiday-fund source, at any times you are not using the villa for a personal vacation. Lucky for us, technology nowadays allows even the most newbie landlord to choose a suitable platform for their villa advertisement and navigate easily in accommodation and hospitality market. Before jumping on the water, however, pay attention to this basic preparation to ensure your villa renting business run smoothly.

Mark the Calendar For Yourself

What’s the use of owning a pretty coastal villa if you cannot enjoy it for relaxing weekend gateway? What if your mom suddenly comes for a week to the town and asked for a stay at your gorgeous house? To prevent the business interfering with your personal matters, block some weekends when you’ll likely spend the day at the villa, minimum a month prior the dates.

A Double for Everything

Sheets and pillowcases of the bed need regular change, especially during peak holiday season when your villa welcome guests for almost every day. Buy a double for everything, so you the housekeeper can change them right away when the used is being laundered. This common housekeeping regulation should apply to curtains, tablecloth covers, and most household items including cutlery and tumblers.

A Photo of Every Room

Don’t let your decorating effort go into waste. After some busy rental season, it’s not uncommon to find changes in decoration and misplaced accessories throughout the room. Take a portrait of every room and, if possible, details of every nook and cranny as a guide of the housekeeper to rearrange the room.

Keep Glassware Away

An accident can happen anytime. Your special-chosen wine glasses and colorful ceramic cutlery can break anytime in the hand of clumsy guests or rowdy children. Replace your delicate glassware with more durable materials. Take a look at hand-carved Bali wooden kitchen utensil which will add more character to your villa as well as provide long durability. You can also opt for stylish melamine or acrylic which will last longer in the kitchen.

Insurance and Deposits

You might need to ask for a deposit for guest, and the deposit value can be double up for a long-term stay. Deposit money is very useful to cover any damage or loss items occurred during a guest’s stay and prevent you from huge financial loss. You can return the deposit money back to the guest if, upon check-out checking, your housekeeper find everything in place. It’s also important to sort out insurance to protect your property and make sure content of the insurance know your intention.

Take Your Own Confined Space

You’ll most likely go back to your home holiday from time to time and enjoy some time there. It can be troublesome to keep bringing back belongings and a car packed with holiday bicycle or surfboard. After all, you own the villa, and you have the full right to put your belonging there. Build a personal storage to keep items you’d like to use during your stay, but are hidden from the renters.

Bali Diving Holiday, First Step Reaching Your Dreams

The holiday to Bali was incredible. It would be more amazing if filled with a variety of exciting adventurous activities. Many activities can be done in every corner of Bali area. If you are a beginner surfer, you can visit the beach double six. Some surfing centers like Rip Curl, Billabong have a training package service for beginners. For professional surfers, you can visit the famous Padang-Padang as the host of international class surfing held by Rip Curl every year.

scuba diving holiday

Reach Your Deam Holiday in Bali

For diving activities, you can visit Amed, Nusa Penida, Menjangan Island, Tulamben for professional divers or those who hold an advanced level certificate. For beginners, you can visit Sanur. Do not try to dive if you are not certified. If you really want to enjoy the underwater beauty of Bali is amazing, Bali diving holiday is the right package for beginners.

Bali underwater charm is undeniable even can compete with some other neighboring countries. Since Bali was named the world’s best dive spot, tourist arrivals are increasing. Bali scuba packages are also increasingly offered, the cheapest to the expensive. What distinguishes cheap and expensive Bali diving Holiday packages?

Certified and trusted certified professional instructors are paramount. Diving skills of professional instructors can be relied upon. They are trained to be able to handle all the problems while in depth while diving. Bali scuba dive training is very important for beginners. Learning the basics of diving appropriately and well is important for the safety of dives.

Bali diving holiday for beginners is usually done for 3-4 days to get a certificate in order to dive with a maximum depth of 18 meters. It’s easy and fast! The most important thing is how do you take 3-4 days, study every detail related to diving.

Scuba Bali diving for professionals offered in packages can be customized to the date you want. Whenever you will spend time and fill the holidays by diving you can choose Bali scuba you want.

Vacationing in Bali is popular with Australian tourists and the exciting thing is they make the most of their holiday by doing lots of activities, either diving, surfing, enjoying the sunset, sunrise or the stunning natural scenery.

Whatever you want to enjoy a vacation, either diving, surfing, or otherwise in Bali is a great start to achieving your dream vacation.

Increase Popularity of Your Villa with Instagrammable-Design Tips

Sure, owning a coastal villa in Bali is nice. Especially when your gorgeous home holiday can be a source of income. But so are hundreds of other villas, too. Bali has undoubtedly significant growth to hospitality. Each year, dozens of new hotels, villa, guesthouse, and apartment raised on the island. This means tighter competition for the hospitality industry, and that includes your villa, too. Though stream of vacationers run steady, you still need extra effort to turn their eyes to your villa.

These days, mainstream advertising will not let you reach wider and more potential audience. You need to get along with the trends. And that current, hugely beneficial trend is Instagram. This platform is just perfect to consistently show visually appealing decoration of your villa and lure the eyes of a traveler. What’s more, it encourages guests to take gorgeous photos of your villa and create cost-effective, chain publication. Villa owners, it’s time for a serious redesign.

Coastal Decoration

People come to Bali to enjoy it coastal vibes. Create special beach vibes through accessories and decoration to make guest really feel like every day is a beach day. You can adapt strong nautical theme with all the stripes, anchor, lighthouse, and other iconic symbols. For authentic beach-y feeling, choose basic white and beige color, and add depth with driftwood or bright color for accent.  Alternately, you can bring home tropical fun by incorporating bold, bright, and vibrant color with sandy coloured wall which represent color of the flowers and plant that naturally grow in that environment.

A Chic Wall

A self portrait with photogenic wall as the backdrop is what people love. It add great character to the humble portrait. Assigned one of the wall at your villa and put your imagination to decorate. You can be creative like sticking a bunch of shells in organised pattern, at one bright yellow wall to create 3D wallpaper, seaside style. Arranged postcards or pictures at a wall also make eye-catching graphic. Be creative!

Plenty of Natural Light with Stylish Window Pane

Do you know how important lighting is to make a good photo? No one likes to snap a picture inside  a gloomy room, it’s not visually appealing. Natural light is the best, so be generous with windows and doors. Install big, lined up windows in the wall to allow as much as light inside, rolling doors, or even glass doors. Make after-dark photos possible too with creative lighting and trendy hanging lamps design.

A Room to Another World

Want to make the photograph game into the next level? Create themed rooms where you can assign exceptional theme to the room. Instead of constant design throughout the house, give surprise with a twist of modern pirate bathroom with rowboat-shaped bathtub, yacht-like guest room, or lush tropical porch. It will encourage guests to explore the room and take as many photos as possible, as they are given different experience at each. Just be careful to not going overboard and maintain harmonious, connected vibes.

Maintain Order and Cleanliness

It’s easy to get carried on when you are decorating the house. Know when to stop. There’s no need to add ottoman if the room has occupied with large set of sofas and rugs. Completing a theme with matching item is fun, but having too much will make your villa looks cramped. A spacious room will not only bring relaxation to the guests, but also look pleasing in the eye.

How Do Bean Bags For Kids Increase Reading Interest?

Children today are hard to read to. Why? Technological developments have crushed the habit of reading books. Gadgets, computers and other advanced equipment may have robbed children’s attention to the environment and reading habits.

Children are hard to take out of the house, to the mall or even to the playground. In fact, gadgets and such are more interesting than others. Compete with technology? You will not win. It is best to get the children to read. For example, you create a schedule of children and affixed to the refrigerator. Inevitably, the children will read their schedule.

Build A New Character With Reading

Bean bags for kids are familiar to children and adults. This type of furniture brings many positive impacts. Helps muscle relaxation in children. as the best therapy for children with autism, and provide comfort so that children feel at home sitting for long. Increase the intention of reading in children there are many ways. The easiest is to buy the comic books with interesting pictures. You may not realize that children sit on bean bags kids while reading a book.

Maybe the kids will be a bit unusual. But you can interact by asking how the book they read. How interesting the characters are told, and more. You may not yet know that kids love bean bags for kids.

Parents’ concerns that children sit on traditional sofas for long periods are able to share the growth of children’s bones. You no longer need to worry because bean bags for kids have a soft surface. They can follow the movements of the bodies of children sitting because it is filled with styrofoam material that is lightweight and not rigid.

Making children have a penchant for reading is not difficult. It all depends on how you bring the atmosphere of children to be better and eager to read. Not that it prohibits them to play gadgets and other advanced technology, but reading is important for everyone, regardless of children or adults.

Or you can create a space for children to read, by providing them with a variety of reading books. Provide all the interesting books with bean bags for kids, then you will generate interest in reading children.

Bali Beyond the Bars and Beaches: Guide to Live Like the Locals

Some of you like a regal holiday, some of you love to get pampered in luxurious relaxation. That’s fine, you have waited for a while for this tropical gateway, anyway. It’s your holiday, and it’s time to pay all your handwork off. Bali can cater every type of holiday, even for the most splendid vacation. However, if you are staying for more than two weeks and your holiday only consists of beaches, shops, and parties, you are missing something.

Maybe this is time to explore the true Bali beyond the fancy restaurants. Bali is very rich in traditions, and this exotic island hides so many beautiful gems waiting to be found. That, only if you are willing to go further than the comfort of your bed and start walking off the tourist hub spots. Maybe, this is the time to start learning how to live like a local, and you’ll go back richer than before, with more than gorgeous photos and souvenirs to carry home.

Strip your touristy destination, walk deeper into the heart of Bali with these following tips:

Travel with Motorbikes

Forget your car. Though it’s air-conditioned and shields you from the dust and rain, Bali’s small and ingested roads clearly call for motorbikes. Renting a motorbike a.k.a scooter is far cheaper and more effective than a car, especially if you want to go off the beaten path. Everyone is using motorbike here, and you can actually learn few riding tricks from the locals you meet on the road. If you can’t ride one, catch a ride of motorbike taxis.

Wear Kebaya Bali or the Sarong

Your beachwear may be cool, but you need to try this Balinese traditional clothes to take a taste of the locals. They are vibrant and colorful, and the sarongs are adorned with high-skilled, elegant embroidery. The female Kebaya is just too gorgeous to resist—made from lace and hug your body tightly, almost as if it’s made to worship your silhouette. The Balinese, however, don’t wear them just for show. It’s very important for their religious ceremonies and special events.

Visit A Temple with Ceremony

Sure, you may watch Balinese dance and music performance in cultural arts at the beach town. However, there’s a huge difference between watching staged performance with the actual one,  when the entire performance is real and meaningful to the religious attendee. All the strong, spiritual vibes will surely leave astonished and speechless. Take nots that since it’s a real ceremony, people might feel quite uncomfortable with flash and snapping pictures in the middle of the event, so make sure to pay your respect.

Eat the Local Cuisine

Finally. What is a journey into a culture without tasting their local food? To get the authentic experience of being Balinese, you need to eat what the locals do. Come into warungs (street food stall) or local restaurant, and find joy in Balinese tasty satay, suckling pig, chicken betutu, or mixed rice.

Some say you’ve never completed your trip to Indonesia without having the infamous Nasi Goreng (fried rice), so make sure to order a plate of it. You’ve done your cuisine fiesta and bar hopping, and now it’s time to experience the comfort foods local people enjoy. Pro tip: the best local food warungs usually have a long line of people waiting to be served.

Sure, there’s a more fascinating cultural experience you’ll get once you get take a peek at the life of the locals. If you are willing to go further, try making a daily offering with your local friends, take a walk between the rice paddies, learn to mix Balinese herbs, or cooking the local cuisine. At the end of the trip, you’ll feel a deeper connection to the beautiful island beyond its bars and beaches.

What Distinguishes Nightlife Bali With Other Countries?

Tourist destination cannot be separated with nightlife. We call it Bali, Thailand, Philippine, and many other destinations. Maybe some people wonder what differentiates nightlife from each other? Essentially they dance, enjoy an aperitif, and have fun all night.

Bali, an exotic island rich in culture provides a nightlife experience that is different from other destinations. When compared with Thailand, then this is the place for you to go to nightlife. Nightclub rows you can visit along the way. Seminyak is the center of Bali nightlife and has for years. Until now, you can easily find Seminyak nightlife.

Enjoy Nightlife and Amazing View of The Culture of Balinese

The development of Nightlife Bali is in Legian and Kuta. But if you want to visit the nightclub, bars are currently happening then you have to stop by to Seminyak. Some other areas with nightclub happening are Jimbaran and Sanur. Most nightlife in Bali features international DJs with big names.

Each Seminyak nightlife has a different theme. You can enjoy the evening with a different atmosphere in every place. What is Bali’s best nightlife? All is best, depending on what you are looking for and want.

If you are looking for nightlife in Seminyak to have fun with affordable food and drinks, then you can visit Sky Garden. If you want to enjoy the night in a luxurious and expensive place, you can visit La Favela. La Favela is not just a place to drink but a great place for you to enjoy yours after dark.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife Bali, the satisfaction of enjoying the night, the satisfaction of drinking alcohol, then is the right you visit Bali. In the morning you can enjoy the sunrise in Sanur area, and enjoy the sunset in Seminyak area. After enjoying the night by dancing and having fun, you can enjoy the serenity by going to Ubud area.

This is what distinguishes why between the nightlife Bali with other tourist destinations., in other countries Visiting Bali means you are offered a variety of conveniences and fun from nightlife, scenery, stunning beaches, to other luxuries. Bali Indonesia Nightlife is best for you to enjoy and spend the night with friends or dear ones.

Bringing the Nautical Fun Inside Your Oceanfront Villa

What’s the best from owning a villa in Bali? You’ll easily feel like vacationing on eternal holiday, just by staying idyll inside the house. Bali is identical with its coastal lifestyle, particularly if your villa sits on the hip beach town on south-east area.

Living just minutes away from the sea means your home holiday is the best place to install seaside home living style with nautical accessories. Light and washed-out colors are popular to bring out coastal vibes, and they work very well with a blend of tropical and marine elements to evoke a subtle sense of adventure inside a peaceful residence.

A Swing

Swing away your stress from reality by hanging one or two rope swings at your backyard. If nautical looks are your goal, then stick to a simple plank and ropes types of swing. The simple ropes bring great effect to remind you of living in a ship.

Sling Chairs

Does your villa have a pool inside? Well, most of the seaside villa has one, and if you do have too, then it’s the time for our classic outdoor sling chair to show up on your patio. They are great for relaxing on a sunny day, and they come in great color, beach style.

Beach Umbrella

What is sling chair without a canopy to shield you from the sun? Enhance the touch of the sea with sun umbrellas above your sling chairs set in the patio. Washed white and colorful stripes usually dominate the design, which is good to remind you of classy beach clubs on the coastal line.

Marine-Themed Flags

Drifting a few sails away from the coastal lifestyle, swiftly insert a life sailor with this little marine-themed flags. They are great to hang above the kid’s room, between the beds, or just above lounging sofas in the living room. They come in a variety of designs, from the early 20th-century signal flags to the modern one. You can even put the name and logo of your villa to the flags to add more personal touch and of course, strengthen your villa’s brand.

Anchor Wall Hooks

Everyone needs something to hook on the wall, be it for jackets, playful beach hat. or simply some keys. While hanging affair can be quite a mess, why not make it pretty with anchor-shaped wall hooks that can double as eye-catching decor? The good news is, they usually come in set marine items, such as a boat, lighthouse, to hut plaque, to add more nautical character to the wall.

Stripes of Blue

Ah, the classic. A nautical-themed villa won’t get complete without abundant of white walls and lits, lots of stripes. By the way, do you know that you can illuminate the waves by painting stripes to the wall and the floor, consisting several shades of blue that make up the stripes? Surround the room with blue, including the window panels, then lay white-washed carpets with matching sofas on top of it to create an illusion that you are sitting in the middle of the sea.

Elements of the Boat

There’s nothing better than adding some elements of the boat to finish off your nautical setup. Decorate the wall with a hanging tire—and paint the name of your villa on it—wooden paddle, wooden anchor, or any other marine element. Get wild!

Common Beginner Mistakes Did While Doing Scuba Diving Bali

This is the day when you are finally going to do your first scuba diving Bali. You have researched the best diving sites, you have watched a lot of youtube videos about Bali scuba diving, and you are building expectation at what you are going to see during your first dive. However, being a beginner as it is, everything will feel new to you, and it’ll easy to slip into one of these beginner mistakes. So read on, and do your best to avoid that.

Depend Too Much to Your Guide

Yes, your instructor is here to guide you. They will help you assemble your gear and suits, checking whether the currents are suitable for your level or not, checking the depth limits, and many other things for you. Though it’s good for beginners who know nearly nothing about diving and all of its complicity, don’t let this professionalism babysits you. Instead, watch what they are doing closely, and try to understand the reasons that lie behind it. This way, you can try it on your own when the next opportunity comes.

Investing in the Gears Too Soon

Yes, doing scuba diving in Bali can feel very exciting. So exciting that you might be tempted to browse the diving equipment and make purchases. After all, it will be so cool to wear your own, personalized gear! And who knows, the diving set at the diving center can be old and unreliable.

Wrong. You will be surprised that your diving center keeps very decent diving gears and diving suits for all sizes. Furthermore, the novice is prone to make an uninformed decision. Only after having enough diving experience, you’ll eventually know what you really need. Invest in good gears that will be very personal to you, but let experience enlighten you first.

Holding Breath During Scuba Diving Bali

During your first few dives, it will be easy to feel overwhelmed by the magical nature underwater. Upland, you are used to gasps and holding breath when you were totally amazed by something. You might be automatically holding your breath too when you are shocked and get panicked. This habit, however, is fatally dangerous while you are deep under the water. Remember your lesson to always keep breathing. And do always, always check your air consumption.

Not Listening to the Diving Brief

As petty as it may seem, failure to pay attention during diving brief is a very common mistake of beginners. This can result in ignorance towards diving plans, which is dangerous. Always pay attention at every detailed plan of your scuba diving Bali plan as explained by your instructors, such as time and depth of the dive, diving risks, sightseeing expectation, air supply planning, and many other things.

Have a good dive!

Making Your Villa Instagram Worthy and Gain Popularity

The traveler today have changed. As we are growing more and more digital, capturing moments—and for many, this is a priority. Taking aesthetic pictures and selfies presentable to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media is just as important as having a good holiday.

While the buzz of this lifestyle has just been growing stronger and stronger every day, you can definitely capitalize this selfie craze to gain wider exposure, reach an extensive potential market, and of course, increase booking inquiries. All thanks to aesthetic decorations which supports the selfie craze. When you’ve designed it right, the savvy millennials are just more than happy to spread the word.

So, how can you utilize Instagram for the benefit of your villa?

Gorgeous Interior Designs and Decoration

The gorgeous decor is a winner, every time. They are pleasing in the eye, draw immediate attention and boost photo-taking desire. Social media users love to feature stunning architecture or decoration—with or without themselves in the photo—as it draws likes and engagement from fellow digital dwellers. Create a photogenic environment for delicate snapping and maximize theme of your villa there. If you own a seaside villa in Bali, for example, you can strengthen the coastal theme by adding stripes, nautical accessories, and infuse calming vacation vibes to increase attraction. Visitors are compelled to impress people with their wonderful holiday, and if your villa can support it, the popularity is already at your hand.

Own Your Instagram

Your social media account will determine your presence and likability among customers in the digital world. These days, people love to check hotel and villa’s photos before deciding whether they will spend a night there or not. Many other times, our digital customer happens to stumble into a stunning villa which stole their heart through someone’s photos, so make sure your villa own an account to allow other tag you at their post. Owning a professional account also allow more room for digital marketing maneuver, which will definitely help to promote your villa.

Craft Special Hashtags

Our digital fellas love to play with hashtags! Get creative and craft your special hashtags that will make your villa stand out more. Display this hashtags at your every post, and encourage visitors to use this hashtags in their posts.

Create Campaign

Use your authentic hashtags to create a campaign, so visitors will be more compelled to use it. You can host a hashtags contest, where you can offer an appealing reward—such as a free night stay or a voucher—for the best photos or the most impressive story featuring the hashtags. You can also host selfie contest through the villa for an extended period of time, and give prizes to the winners.

Feature Guest’s Photos

People love to get noticed by a brand they love, and your gorgeous villa is no exception. Featuring the best photos of your visitors is another small rewards you can give to them, and keep the engagement high at the same time. This small gesture also shows that you care with your guests, which will result in more and more good photos of your villa being uploaded by future guests. Voila, you’ve establish your popularity in the digital world!

Enjoy The Pleasure Of Dining At Best Restaurants Seminyak

It would be very difficult if anyone asked the best restaurant in Indonesia. But if you ask, what is the best restaurant in Seminyak, easy to get the answer. Like the beauty of Bali, you will find great food from various countries.

Why do many people find food in the best restaurant? The reason is very simple. Everyone deals with each other in a restaurant. Business affairs, hangouts, and culinary for food lovers. The restaurant is also a very profitable business.

Everyone must be looking for the best restaurant? The answer is in the Seminyak area. Best restaurants Seminyak offers a wide variety of food from different countries which are transpired into a stunning and delicious dish. It’s become a business for some people, try to bring the secret of their country cuisine to pamper the tourist’s tongue in Bali.

Feel Like At Home

Enjoying the shade of another country can be said you are trying to challenge yourself. Get out of the comfort zone to enjoy the usual food. Some of the food that can be said popular in Bali is the cuisine of Mexico, Italy, Korea, Indonesia, and of course the local cuisine of Bali.

Best restaurants Seminyak is dominated by many countries cuisine. Naturally, given the many expats who live in the area of Seminyak. Even the Canggu area is an expat gathering place from Australia. Finding home country cuisine in other countries gives you the comfort of eating at home.

When you visit Bali and stop by the Seminyak area, you will see a row of restaurants in Seminyak offering delicious food. Promo-promo during lunch or dinner will usually be plastered in front of the restaurant area. Easy to find best restaurants in Seminyak, especially when looking at the reviews of culinary lovers.

Best restaurants in Seminyak are coveted by local and foreign tourists who want to enjoy food from the best chefs. For some people, whatever money you spend is proportional to the best shade you enjoy. Whatever you want is your choice, enjoying a meal at best restaurants Seminyak is a special pleasure for your holiday experience.