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How to Travel around Europe with Limited Budget

Everyone must agree that traveling is fun, but it also needs money to accomplish. No matter how short your destination is, you still money to get there safe and sound. Travel around Europe is tempting. You can visit many places or specific countries in one go. However, a budget can be an annoying little problem. It sometimes makes you feel like having your legs chained so you can’t go anywhere farther when you are so eager to explore more places. Europe though is a place of many desire and passion. It’s such a shame to miss many beautiful places there. Thus, you don’t let budget limit your spirit to travel Europe because there are ways to trick this little problem.

Tips to travel around Europe in the cheapest way

Budget is definitely important for traveling but it’s not everything since it can be managed. Finance is a manageable thing so there is no need to worry about travel budget. Here are some tips to get in the cheapest ways when traveling Europe:

  • Did you know that you can travel around Europe by bus? Don’t underestimate buses. These days, buses in Europe are getting better. It’s affordable in the matter of price and enjoyable in the matter of facilities. The buses in Europe are one of the best. Even they have the best cancellation policy. To choose the best bus, you need to consider based on convenience, flexibility, and last but not least, price.
  • Travel around Europe takes time especially if you want to truly enjoy the charm of every city you visit. Well, it means that you need the best place to stay the night. Instead of spending your nights in a hotel, it would be best to book a room in a hostel. This will save up your money. Besides, what’s the point of booking an expensive hotel room while you barely sleep there? Your main aim is to explore not sleep all day, right?
  • Next tips to keep your budget in line is to set the budget for food and drink diligently. You can have them in many ways though. Eat your breakfast through your hostel free service. For lunch, you can have homemade meals for the nearest grocery store. As for dinner, you can buy a cheap meal from a restaurant. Sometimes it’s hard to resist the temptation of trying local foods but you need to remember your goal of a journey, which is exploring more places with fun and limited budget.
  • Europe is the best place for sightseeing since there are so many great spots such as Louvre museum, tower of London, Van Goh Museum, etc. Thus, instead of buying foods or unnecessary accessories, it’s even better to spend your budget in those places.

Who says you can’t enjoy travelling Europe in limited budget? In fact, you can travel around Europe with so much fun even though your money is on the line. Try out the tips above to proof that you can travel in Europe just fine.


Recommended Where To Eat in Restaurants Seminyak

Everyone likes to taste local food while traveling, like Bali. Bali’s famous local food is rich in spices and spices. For those of you who are accustomed to eating spicy food, then the local Balinese food is perfect. Although famous for spicy food, there is also local Balinese food that remains delicious without the taste spicy.

Bali’s Cuisine and Its History

There are many unique stories and history of Balinese food, such as lawar. The red lawar is believed to have originated from Bhairawa worshipers. Until now lawar is a typical Balinese food which is the history of the remnants of the Bhairawa era.

Many restaurants in Seminyak offer local Balinese food menu served with lawar. You can enjoy 2 kinds of lawar namely, white and red lawar. Warung Made can be one of the best restaurants Seminyak that offers many local dishes.

Suckling pig is one of Bali’s local food that is popular in foreign countries. Suckling pig is usually served at large ritual ceremonies such as marriage, funeral, baby-sized 3 month old, or the date of his first milk teeth. The beginning of suckling pig is thought to be due to the influence of Hindu teachings which until now become traditional Balinese food.

Along with the development of suckling pig which continues to be popular so many opened many restaurants Seminyak Bali which provides typical Balinese food this one. To enjoy Balinese food, you do not need to be afraid to spend a lot of budgets because you can enjoy it with affordable price.

Bali is an exciting and fun destination when explored. Not only is Bali’s popular food popular but many foreign investors are building restaurants in Seminyak because it is in a strategic location. Many hangout places for foreign tourists or expats. There are many other restaurants in Seminyak that serve the finest seam dishes from all over the country from the best and the best chefs.

One of the recommended restaurant Seminyak Bali you should visit is Sea Vu Play. One of the restaurants serves delicious and affordable western-style food. This is the perfect and perfect place to hang out at night enjoying the atmosphere of Bali. In the late evening, you can exercise a little sweat by dancing. Sea Vu Play is restaurants Seminyak Bali you can visit during breakfast, lunch, enjoy a snack, drink or dinner. When the international soccer league takes place, you can come and watch the ball with other football fans.

How to Maximize Your Short Travelling

No matter how important your school or job is, you need sometimes to just relax and chill. This can work for you to go travel to a place you’ve been dying to visit. Even if you only have limited time off your work, you can go for short traveling. There is no rule obligate you to travel certain period of time. You can go traveling for days, weeks, months, or years if you want to. However, you can go for the short one if you don’t have much time to do so. Even if it is a short journey, it will help you relax and recharged if you do it willingly. In fact, a short break from your work or assignment will help you clear your mind and refresh your mood.

Maximizing short traveling for more fun and excitement

Even though the period of your travel is short, you can still get the best of it by maximizing every moment. It is indeed important to know exactly what to do to optimize your short time in your traveling. To make it happen, you’d better start preparing everything from now in your limited time. Don’t need to be in a hurry to prepare though. So here are some ways to do to boost up your short travel period:

  • To make your travel memorable, make sure you prioritize destination that’s on your bucket list. Not only destination though, make sure you list what kind of activities you want the most. That is why it is important to plan everything in advance.
  • Since you have only limited time for short traveling, you can go travel closer to home. You must have some places you have not been able to visit closer to your home. Make that on your bucket list and you will find it fun for sure. Going to places within driving distance doesn’t sound so bad.
  • If you find it difficult to find the best time to travel, you can try to extend your business travel. For a simple method, you can stopover in places of a certain length in some cities. You can use it as the chance to explore the cities more for two or three days.
  • The next thing to maximize your short vacation time is to do with all your heart. Make sure you go all out and enjoy every second. Don’t waste your time by complaining about the weather or lame foods. Instead, focus more on activities you enjoy the most such as sightseeing, watersport activities, and many more. Only then, your short period of travel will be worth it.

Who says you cannot enjoy traveling in just a couple of days? You still can get the best of it by following the tips above. Thus, time doesn’t matter anymore. The most important is the moment and experience you gain which will last even after you get back to your previous routine. Let out your stress and exhaustion during your short traveling and get the new you when you come back.

Basic Things You Should Know Before Scuba Diving In Bali

The underwater world of Bali does save a million charms of extraordinary beauty. In fact, the underwater world of Bali is not only beautiful but keeps a myriad of unsolved mysteries. Diving is one of the right ways to enjoy the underwater world. Not everyone can do it. Precisely is, not everyone wants to pursue extreme activities such as diving.

Although diving can be done anytime but still requires preparation. Preparations are really mature! Many beautiful places that you explore when deciding scuba diving in Bali. Wherever the scuba diving locale of Bali is crawled, everything is amazing! The fun of diving does not mean not paying attention to your safety. For that note the basics you should know before diving in Bali.

“Make friends” with Diving Equipment

Recognizing means you know something. It’s good if you recognize and make friends with diving equipment. Although it looks simple, safe dives require considerable equipment. Fin, mask, and snorkel are certainly common and well known. Some other things to know are a pressure gauge, alternate air source, dive computer, buoyancy compensator, water tank, regulator, dive bottles or weight belt.

By knowing and learning diving equipment, you can safely dive. Being well acquainted with the equipment makes you dive in peace and knows which gear should be used in certain circumstances. This is mandatory, not only must be known if you want to scuba diving in Bali but everywhere.

Understanding Basic Techniques

Diving and swimming are 2 different things. In addition to depth coverage, diving has different pressures. For that reason, the basics of diving techniques are important and should be well studied. The breathing technique in masks is important. Technic swinging on the legs is also different from ordinary swimming, While diving, the movement of the foot is more emphasis on the force of the foot.

Know Your “Limit”

Planning scuba diving in Bali is fun but if the condition of the body is not possible, then you should not force to dive. Safety and safety while diving is important and the main requirement is a healthy body condition. This is also done to prevent something undesirable.

Diving Certification

Diving certification can be said to be a sign that you are eligible to dive by level. You can not dive with a depth of over 30 meters with a junior diving certificate or a beginner. Dune Atlantis is a trustworthy dive center offers the scuba diving in Bali package for beginners or professionals with guided experienced instructors.

How To Cut Your Budget Vacation In Bali?

The island of Bali is a favorite tourist destination of the entire world. You can do various indoor or outdoor activities. Taking a vacation means knowing how much the budget should be spent. Diving, surfing, sea walker, banana boat, and various other water activities interesting to do. Other tourist destinations that have their own uniqueness and history such as Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Uluwatu Temple, Besakih Temple, Monkey Forest – Ubud, and many others.

Flights from or to Bali can be expensive, especially for those of you who want to vacation with a limited budget. You have to think about how much the budget for accommodation, transportation and more, How to vacation fun by visiting wherever the tourist destinations in order to maximize the holiday?

Promo Tickets, A Way To Bali

If you are accustomed to traveling backpacker style, you definitely know how to find cheap travel tickets. Some events organized by reputable airlines for those of you who like traveling hobby, Air Asia, Garuda Indonesia, Jet Start, Singapore Airlines, and many more. Air Asia sometimes gives free ticket promos, certainly not really free. You still have to pay taxes and more, but at least you can get a cheap ticket price than usual.

Garuda Indonesia Fair is held every 1 year 2x, July and October. You can use this opportunity to plan your trip and look for cheap tickets for Garuda. Garuda Indonesia is the best airline recommended for local or international businessmen.

Cheap Transportation

Please note that Bali does not have adequate public transport. The transportation you can use while in Bali is to rent a car or motorbike. The consideration is whether you are on vacation alone or with family. If you are on vacation with 2-4 people without children, a motor can be the right solution. When you take a vacation with children, then you have to rent a car for convenience and security.

Find Cheap Destination

The tourist destination is not as expensive as you think. Double six beach, you only pay money for motorcycle parking, or cheap car parking money to enjoy the best sunset in Seminyak area. You are free to enjoy and sit wherever you are, without any interruption as it happens outside Bali. Some tourist attractions such as Pura Besakih, Uluwatu Temple are also cheap and popular destinations you should visit.

To pay a visit to Garuda Wisnu Kencana, you have to pay a little bit more but balance what you see. Kecak dance and colossal drama of Balinese history can be seen for free. You just need to adjust the show schedule. No need to worry because they started their show once an hour

Delicious and Cheap Foods

Local Bali food is popular among tourists, especially Chicken Betutu and suckling pig. The typical Balinese food is rich in a reef and a little spicy but this is the main attraction for tourists. Many restaurants, bars, and desserts flourish in Bali. Some of the things you should try are Gelato. You pay very cheaply for 2 scoop ice cream. 

Finding The Right Restaurants Seminyak Bali For Every Needs

Ah, Seminyak. This stylish beach town shines cheerfully with their bright and vibrant shops, cafes, and eclectic restaurant Seminyak Bali. Famous as upscale fashion destination among beach babes and surfer dudes, Seminyak will also provide a delightful foodie tour for the yummy hunters.


Restaurants Seminyak Bali took their concept very seriously. Their restaurant designs match equally with trendy shops neighbor in the neighborhood, and their food worth more than it looks. After some holiday expenditure in the busy beach town, it’s always nice to be tucked away in one of its corners for a pleasing retreat. Luckily, the great diversity of them makes it very easy to choose restaurants Seminyak Bali that suits your taste and need.

For the Vegan and Healthy Enthusiast

Health conscious food is a thing in Bali. Here in Seminyak, they turn healthy foods into a gorgeous and heavenly dishes. You can just spend the afternoon sipping colorful smoothie bowl, munching raw foods, or tasty vegan burger and feel instantly refreshed from the inside. The clean eaters and vegan foodies will be happy to take a seat in KYND Community, with their inventive menu of plant-based dishes. You can also cool down at a little oasis in Shelter Cafe’s tropical shack, serving all-day yummy vegan meal presented in a plate of goodness. The mecca of vegan fine dining will be Divine Earth, stands proudly in the heart of Jalan Raya Seminyak.

For the Cool Instagrammers

Seminyak and its uber cute corners are too pleasant to miss, and the best restaurants Seminyak Bali take this concept to a whole new level. They just know that snapping some Instagram-worthy photos makes up half the fun of dining. One of the most unique is Sea Vu Play, who really translate its name to everything on the restaurant. The restaurant wed tropical setting with a nautical theme, resulting in a very laid-back atmosphere and photogenic decor for your selfie backdrop.  

For A Quick Fix of Coffee

Sometimes, all you need is just a sip of caffeine between shopping trips in Seminyak busy street to recharge your mind. Good thing that Seminyak has no place for mediocre coffee—you can hop into practically every coffee shop in town and expect a good cup of coffee. For the best experience, however, you can try the infamous Revolver Espresso in the middle of Jalan Kayu Aya. The warehouse interior brings forth urban vibes, somehow add another depth to their seriously good coffee. Where you are at Seminyak, you know that you can grab a coffee in style.

What You Need To Do Before Open Up Your Villa for Rent


The best thing from owning a home holiday is that you can turn your property into your own holiday-fund source, at any times you are not using the villa for a personal vacation. Lucky for us, technology nowadays allows even the most newbie landlord to choose a suitable platform for their villa advertisement and navigate easily in accommodation and hospitality market. Before jumping on the water, however, pay attention to this basic preparation to ensure your villa renting business run smoothly.

Mark the Calendar For Yourself

What’s the use of owning a pretty coastal villa if you cannot enjoy it for relaxing weekend gateway? What if your mom suddenly comes for a week to the town and asked for a stay at your gorgeous house? To prevent the business interfering with your personal matters, block some weekends when you’ll likely spend the day at the villa, minimum a month prior the dates.

A Double for Everything

Sheets and pillowcases of the bed need regular change, especially during peak holiday season when your villa welcome guests for almost every day. Buy a double for everything, so you the housekeeper can change them right away when the used is being laundered. This common housekeeping regulation should apply to curtains, tablecloth covers, and most household items including cutlery and tumblers.

A Photo of Every Room

Don’t let your decorating effort go into waste. After some busy rental season, it’s not uncommon to find changes in decoration and misplaced accessories throughout the room. Take a portrait of every room and, if possible, details of every nook and cranny as a guide of the housekeeper to rearrange the room.

Keep Glassware Away

An accident can happen anytime. Your special-chosen wine glasses and colorful ceramic cutlery can break anytime in the hand of clumsy guests or rowdy children. Replace your delicate glassware with more durable materials. Take a look at hand-carved Bali wooden kitchen utensil which will add more character to your villa as well as provide long durability. You can also opt for stylish melamine or acrylic which will last longer in the kitchen.

Insurance and Deposits

You might need to ask for a deposit for guest, and the deposit value can be double up for a long-term stay. Deposit money is very useful to cover any damage or loss items occurred during a guest’s stay and prevent you from huge financial loss. You can return the deposit money back to the guest if, upon check-out checking, your housekeeper find everything in place. It’s also important to sort out insurance to protect your property and make sure content of the insurance know your intention.

Take Your Own Confined Space

You’ll most likely go back to your home holiday from time to time and enjoy some time there. It can be troublesome to keep bringing back belongings and a car packed with holiday bicycle or surfboard. After all, you own the villa, and you have the full right to put your belonging there. Build a personal storage to keep items you’d like to use during your stay, but are hidden from the renters.

Bali Diving Holiday, First Step Reaching Your Dreams

The holiday to Bali was incredible. It would be more amazing if filled with a variety of exciting adventurous activities. Many activities can be done in every corner of Bali area. If you are a beginner surfer, you can visit the beach double six. Some surfing centers like Rip Curl, Billabong have a training package service for beginners. For professional surfers, you can visit the famous Padang-Padang as the host of international class surfing held by Rip Curl every year.

scuba diving holiday

Reach Your Deam Holiday in Bali

For diving activities, you can visit Amed, Nusa Penida, Menjangan Island, Tulamben for professional divers or those who hold an advanced level certificate. For beginners, you can visit Sanur. Do not try to dive if you are not certified. If you really want to enjoy the underwater beauty of Bali is amazing, Bali diving holiday is the right package for beginners.

Bali underwater charm is undeniable even can compete with some other neighboring countries. Since Bali was named the world’s best dive spot, tourist arrivals are increasing. Bali scuba packages are also increasingly offered, the cheapest to the expensive. What distinguishes cheap and expensive Bali diving Holiday packages?

Certified and trusted certified professional instructors are paramount. Diving skills of professional instructors can be relied upon. They are trained to be able to handle all the problems while in depth while diving. Bali scuba dive training is very important for beginners. Learning the basics of diving appropriately and well is important for the safety of dives.

Bali diving holiday for beginners is usually done for 3-4 days to get a certificate in order to dive with a maximum depth of 18 meters. It’s easy and fast! The most important thing is how do you take 3-4 days, study every detail related to diving.

Scuba Bali diving for professionals offered in packages can be customized to the date you want. Whenever you will spend time and fill the holidays by diving you can choose Bali scuba you want.

Vacationing in Bali is popular with Australian tourists and the exciting thing is they make the most of their holiday by doing lots of activities, either diving, surfing, enjoying the sunset, sunrise or the stunning natural scenery.

Whatever you want to enjoy a vacation, either diving, surfing, or otherwise in Bali is a great start to achieving your dream vacation.

Increase Popularity of Your Villa with Instagrammable-Design Tips

Sure, owning a coastal villa in Bali is nice. Especially when your gorgeous home holiday can be a source of income. But so are hundreds of other villas, too. Bali has undoubtedly significant growth to hospitality. Each year, dozens of new hotels, villa, guesthouse, and apartment raised on the island. This means tighter competition for the hospitality industry, and that includes your villa, too. Though stream of vacationers run steady, you still need extra effort to turn their eyes to your villa.

These days, mainstream advertising will not let you reach wider and more potential audience. You need to get along with the trends. And that current, hugely beneficial trend is Instagram. This platform is just perfect to consistently show visually appealing decoration of your villa and lure the eyes of a traveler. What’s more, it encourages guests to take gorgeous photos of your villa and create cost-effective, chain publication. Villa owners, it’s time for a serious redesign.

Coastal Decoration

People come to Bali to enjoy it coastal vibes. Create special beach vibes through accessories and decoration to make guest really feel like every day is a beach day. You can adapt strong nautical theme with all the stripes, anchor, lighthouse, and other iconic symbols. For authentic beach-y feeling, choose basic white and beige color, and add depth with driftwood or bright color for accent.  Alternately, you can bring home tropical fun by incorporating bold, bright, and vibrant color with sandy coloured wall which represent color of the flowers and plant that naturally grow in that environment.

A Chic Wall

A self portrait with photogenic wall as the backdrop is what people love. It add great character to the humble portrait. Assigned one of the wall at your villa and put your imagination to decorate. You can be creative like sticking a bunch of shells in organised pattern, at one bright yellow wall to create 3D wallpaper, seaside style. Arranged postcards or pictures at a wall also make eye-catching graphic. Be creative!

Plenty of Natural Light with Stylish Window Pane

Do you know how important lighting is to make a good photo? No one likes to snap a picture inside  a gloomy room, it’s not visually appealing. Natural light is the best, so be generous with windows and doors. Install big, lined up windows in the wall to allow as much as light inside, rolling doors, or even glass doors. Make after-dark photos possible too with creative lighting and trendy hanging lamps design.

A Room to Another World

Want to make the photograph game into the next level? Create themed rooms where you can assign exceptional theme to the room. Instead of constant design throughout the house, give surprise with a twist of modern pirate bathroom with rowboat-shaped bathtub, yacht-like guest room, or lush tropical porch. It will encourage guests to explore the room and take as many photos as possible, as they are given different experience at each. Just be careful to not going overboard and maintain harmonious, connected vibes.

Maintain Order and Cleanliness

It’s easy to get carried on when you are decorating the house. Know when to stop. There’s no need to add ottoman if the room has occupied with large set of sofas and rugs. Completing a theme with matching item is fun, but having too much will make your villa looks cramped. A spacious room will not only bring relaxation to the guests, but also look pleasing in the eye.

How Do Bean Bags For Kids Increase Reading Interest?

Children today are hard to read to. Why? Technological developments have crushed the habit of reading books. Gadgets, computers and other advanced equipment may have robbed children’s attention to the environment and reading habits.

Children are hard to take out of the house, to the mall or even to the playground. In fact, gadgets and such are more interesting than others. Compete with technology? You will not win. It is best to get the children to read. For example, you create a schedule of children and affixed to the refrigerator. Inevitably, the children will read their schedule.

Build A New Character With Reading

Bean bags for kids are familiar to children and adults. This type of furniture brings many positive impacts. Helps muscle relaxation in children. as the best therapy for children with autism, and provide comfort so that children feel at home sitting for long. Increase the intention of reading in children there are many ways. The easiest is to buy the comic books with interesting pictures. You may not realize that children sit on bean bags kids while reading a book.

Maybe the kids will be a bit unusual. But you can interact by asking how the book they read. How interesting the characters are told, and more. You may not yet know that kids love bean bags for kids.

Parents’ concerns that children sit on traditional sofas for long periods are able to share the growth of children’s bones. You no longer need to worry because bean bags for kids have a soft surface. They can follow the movements of the bodies of children sitting because it is filled with styrofoam material that is lightweight and not rigid.

Making children have a penchant for reading is not difficult. It all depends on how you bring the atmosphere of children to be better and eager to read. Not that it prohibits them to play gadgets and other advanced technology, but reading is important for everyone, regardless of children or adults.

Or you can create a space for children to read, by providing them with a variety of reading books. Provide all the interesting books with bean bags for kids, then you will generate interest in reading children.