How to Travel around Europe with Limited Budget

Everyone must agree that traveling is fun, but it also needs money to accomplish. No matter how short your destination is, you still money to get there safe and sound. Travel around Europe is tempting. You can visit many places or specific countries in one go. However, a budget can be an annoying little problem. It sometimes makes you feel like having your legs chained so you can’t go anywhere farther when you are so eager to explore more places. Europe though is a place of many desire and passion. It’s such a shame to miss many beautiful places there. Thus, you don’t let budget limit your spirit to travel Europe because there are ways to trick this little problem.

Tips to travel around Europe in the cheapest way

Budget is definitely important for traveling but it’s not everything since it can be managed. Finance is a manageable thing so there is no need to worry about travel budget. Here are some tips to get in the cheapest ways when traveling Europe:

  • Did you know that you can travel around Europe by bus? Don’t underestimate buses. These days, buses in Europe are getting better. It’s affordable in the matter of price and enjoyable in the matter of facilities. The buses in Europe are one of the best. Even they have the best cancellation policy. To choose the best bus, you need to consider based on convenience, flexibility, and last but not least, price.
  • Travel around Europe takes time especially if you want to truly enjoy the charm of every city you visit. Well, it means that you need the best place to stay the night. Instead of spending your nights in a hotel, it would be best to book a room in a hostel. This will save up your money. Besides, what’s the point of booking an expensive hotel room while you barely sleep there? Your main aim is to explore not sleep all day, right?
  • Next tips to keep your budget in line is to set the budget for food and drink diligently. You can have them in many ways though. Eat your breakfast through your hostel free service. For lunch, you can have homemade meals for the nearest grocery store. As for dinner, you can buy a cheap meal from a restaurant. Sometimes it’s hard to resist the temptation of trying local foods but you need to remember your goal of a journey, which is exploring more places with fun and limited budget.
  • Europe is the best place for sightseeing since there are so many great spots such as Louvre museum, tower of London, Van Goh Museum, etc. Thus, instead of buying foods or unnecessary accessories, it’s even better to spend your budget in those places.

Who says you can’t enjoy travelling Europe in limited budget? In fact, you can travel around Europe with so much fun even though your money is on the line. Try out the tips above to proof that you can travel in Europe just fine.


Recommended Where To Eat in Restaurants Seminyak

Everyone likes to taste local food while traveling, like Bali. Bali’s famous local food is rich in spices and spices. For those of you who are accustomed to eating spicy food, then the local Balinese food is perfect. Although famous for spicy food, there is also local Balinese food that remains delicious without the taste spicy.

Bali’s Cuisine and Its History

There are many unique stories and history of Balinese food, such as lawar. The red lawar is believed to have originated from Bhairawa worshipers. Until now lawar is a typical Balinese food which is the history of the remnants of the Bhairawa era.

Many restaurants in Seminyak offer local Balinese food menu served with lawar. You can enjoy 2 kinds of lawar namely, white and red lawar. Warung Made can be one of the best restaurants Seminyak that offers many local dishes.

Suckling pig is one of Bali’s local food that is popular in foreign countries. Suckling pig is usually served at large ritual ceremonies such as marriage, funeral, baby-sized 3 month old, or the date of his first milk teeth. The beginning of suckling pig is thought to be due to the influence of Hindu teachings which until now become traditional Balinese food.

Along with the development of suckling pig which continues to be popular so many opened many restaurants Seminyak Bali which provides typical Balinese food this one. To enjoy Balinese food, you do not need to be afraid to spend a lot of budgets because you can enjoy it with affordable price.

Bali is an exciting and fun destination when explored. Not only is Bali’s popular food popular but many foreign investors are building restaurants in Seminyak because it is in a strategic location. Many hangout places for foreign tourists or expats. There are many other restaurants in Seminyak that serve the finest seam dishes from all over the country from the best and the best chefs.

One of the recommended restaurant Seminyak Bali you should visit is Sea Vu Play. One of the restaurants serves delicious and affordable western-style food. This is the perfect and perfect place to hang out at night enjoying the atmosphere of Bali. In the late evening, you can exercise a little sweat by dancing. Sea Vu Play is restaurants Seminyak Bali you can visit during breakfast, lunch, enjoy a snack, drink or dinner. When the international soccer league takes place, you can come and watch the ball with other football fans.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Rental Property

Investing money in rental property is not something new. In fact, lots of people are already interested in this business. There are TV shows everywhere showing how rental property investment is a forever promising business. However, the truth isn’t always that rainbow. There are many things you need to know before deciding to buy a rental property like real estate. In this business, at least you should consider expected rental income, annual expenses, and of course the risks. Therefore, buying an investment rental property should be planned adequately.

5 Consideration before buying rental property

Rental property considerations

Running a business should be taken seriously. You will always need a solid plan so everything works in your way. A plan will help you to decide the best strategies to take to reach your goals and avoid unnecessary mistakes. In buying rental property like real estate, you need to consider these things before:

1. House condition

This is the first thing should be included in your consideration since it influence your expenses. If you buy fixer-upper, you will spend much money in fixing the house. Repairing expenses should be estimated well or else you will lose much money and not able to gain any profit. Making thorough estimation of house repairment is a must even you can consult contractors to make clear calculation.

2. Goals of the returns

For the basics, many of investors apply 1% rule which can be calculated by math equation. Monthly return can be calculated using this simple rule. For example, you buy a house for $500,000, so you need to earn the returns in $5,000 per month. This is not absolute rule though, so you can set your own goal of returns based on thorough calculation.

3. Taxes of property

Rental property - Taxes

Like it or not, you should follow the law in which you should pay for taxes. High property taxes may result in low profits so that you need another strategy. Lower taxes are usually found in rural places though. So the location does matter in this case. High property taxes will lead to poor investment so finding perfect house is a must.

4. Condition of neighborhood

As mentioned earlier that location does matter in profitable rental property. The needs of the tenants should come as priority so that they will live comfortably in the house. You should consider ideal neighborhood based on its safety, accessibility to public facility, and other things that will make tenants want to live there.

5. Incidental funds

You need to have good management not only for the property but also your finance. The main goal of rental property investment is to gain profit. But you shouldn’t forget that incidents may happen anytime which result in unexpected expenses. Therefore, you need to make proper estimation for this matter.

Running this kind of investment needs a rational mindset so that you can make the right decision to gain profit you have set as your goal. Rental property investment is profitable business but it needs thorough plan in the first place.

Best Single Hammock Under €50 You Could Get

If you are new to hammock camping and not sure which one to buy and bring it home but still wanna have the better one, you might want to read about the best single hammock that only cost you under €50 or around $55 in US Dollar. And this might be could be used for years. To know where you could buy it, find the link at the last 3 paragraphs below. Do not hesitate, it is NOT the affiliate one.

Best single hammock under €50

Related to this best single hammock, there some things you need to you. The first one is, the size will be compatible for the users in adult age since the size for the single one is 320×155 cm / 10’5″x4’11”. Since it’s not for the kid’s size, but you know that you could always using it as you need and want. Who care that the single-adult size of hammock bought simply as a new play ground for the kiddo.

Secondly, no need to worry about the colors because there are many or various you could choose. You could choose the Blue from the deep one to the lighter’s color. To be exact, before this article published, there are up to 24 colors available where your favorite one might be there. Related to the colors, as well as the other, single hammock itself at least will has minimum of 2 colors in its block-fabric design. Both of them could be separately different or simply just to makes it all completely the same to the whole. But keep in mind that, you will only have the combination of 2 colors. Not more than that.

Best single hammock under €50

With the size i have mentioned above, the best single hammock you would love to get will has the weight of about 500 g / 17.6 oz. It’s pretty lightweight for not getting your backside hurt when taking it long enough in your backpack when traveling.

Another good news about this single hammock that i will tell where you could get it is, it will be really helpful and possible to carry the weight up to 200 kg or 440 lbs. If you and one of your best friend’s weight couldn’t possible reach the 200 kg in total and also still fit into the parachute without having more size as mentioned above, then it might not be your best single hammock but the double one.

The carrying capacity itself will included with the warranty for 10 years. Sounds worth to buy, huh?!

Although I am not telling you all about the specifications, but I am sure that I have informed all you need to know, right? And surely all of that could available on the market because of the usage of the High Grade Parachute Nylon. I mean, to become your best single hammock, it should also made from the best quality of material.

So, where to buy this best single hammock?

Sit calmly at wherever you are at the moment since shopping online is the new wonder of the world beyond the limit but your credit card threshold. And one of among many you may find the best single hammock, there’s a place called as where they now have been serving their customers in 3 currencies and countries which are for the Indonesian in Rupiahs, people with English as their main language ($) and also sending the single hammock to the France (€ – Euro).

To directly get your best single hammock or simply for looking around in the site, click on the link I’ve included in this paragraph. There you will also be possible to customize the hammock as you need.

I am actually not finished yet with the specifications although some have been mentioned above. It is because that the price which is under € 50 will also included with the Hook though you won’t get the Sleeve at the moment. But you know that other gears could be bought later or even at once if you get the money. As well as the Moonrope for your best single hammock.

So what’s keep you waiting? Go visit the site, customize your own hammock as you want, adding it with the gears as you need and put them all into the cart and fill the form, so they could send your best single hammock as fast as they could. People from other regions and countries had been trying this for years since all of their products are made by the travelers and for the travelers. So, it also had been tested in many seasons even the extreme one.

Anyway, happy hammock’s shopping and see you around.

How to Maximize Your Short Travelling

No matter how important your school or job is, you need sometimes to just relax and chill. This can work for you to go travel to a place you’ve been dying to visit. Even if you only have limited time off your work, you can go for short traveling. There is no rule obligate you to travel certain period of time. You can go traveling for days, weeks, months, or years if you want to. However, you can go for the short one if you don’t have much time to do so. Even if it is a short journey, it will help you relax and recharged if you do it willingly. In fact, a short break from your work or assignment will help you clear your mind and refresh your mood.

Maximizing short traveling for more fun and excitement

Even though the period of your travel is short, you can still get the best of it by maximizing every moment. It is indeed important to know exactly what to do to optimize your short time in your traveling. To make it happen, you’d better start preparing everything from now in your limited time. Don’t need to be in a hurry to prepare though. So here are some ways to do to boost up your short travel period:

  • To make your travel memorable, make sure you prioritize destination that’s on your bucket list. Not only destination though, make sure you list what kind of activities you want the most. That is why it is important to plan everything in advance.
  • Since you have only limited time for short traveling, you can go travel closer to home. You must have some places you have not been able to visit closer to your home. Make that on your bucket list and you will find it fun for sure. Going to places within driving distance doesn’t sound so bad.
  • If you find it difficult to find the best time to travel, you can try to extend your business travel. For a simple method, you can stopover in places of a certain length in some cities. You can use it as the chance to explore the cities more for two or three days.
  • The next thing to maximize your short vacation time is to do with all your heart. Make sure you go all out and enjoy every second. Don’t waste your time by complaining about the weather or lame foods. Instead, focus more on activities you enjoy the most such as sightseeing, watersport activities, and many more. Only then, your short period of travel will be worth it.

Who says you cannot enjoy traveling in just a couple of days? You still can get the best of it by following the tips above. Thus, time doesn’t matter anymore. The most important is the moment and experience you gain which will last even after you get back to your previous routine. Let out your stress and exhaustion during your short traveling and get the new you when you come back.

Basic Things You Should Know Before Scuba Diving In Bali

The underwater world of Bali does save a million charms of extraordinary beauty. In fact, the underwater world of Bali is not only beautiful but keeps a myriad of unsolved mysteries. Diving is one of the right ways to enjoy the underwater world. Not everyone can do it. Precisely is, not everyone wants to pursue extreme activities such as diving.

Although diving can be done anytime but still requires preparation. Preparations are really mature! Many beautiful places that you explore when deciding scuba diving in Bali. Wherever the scuba diving locale of Bali is crawled, everything is amazing! The fun of diving does not mean not paying attention to your safety. For that note the basics you should know before diving in Bali.

“Make friends” with Diving Equipment

Recognizing means you know something. It’s good if you recognize and make friends with diving equipment. Although it looks simple, safe dives require considerable equipment. Fin, mask, and snorkel are certainly common and well known. Some other things to know are a pressure gauge, alternate air source, dive computer, buoyancy compensator, water tank, regulator, dive bottles or weight belt.

By knowing and learning diving equipment, you can safely dive. Being well acquainted with the equipment makes you dive in peace and knows which gear should be used in certain circumstances. This is mandatory, not only must be known if you want to scuba diving in Bali but everywhere.

Understanding Basic Techniques

Diving and swimming are 2 different things. In addition to depth coverage, diving has different pressures. For that reason, the basics of diving techniques are important and should be well studied. The breathing technique in masks is important. Technic swinging on the legs is also different from ordinary swimming, While diving, the movement of the foot is more emphasis on the force of the foot.

Know Your “Limit”

Planning scuba diving in Bali is fun but if the condition of the body is not possible, then you should not force to dive. Safety and safety while diving is important and the main requirement is a healthy body condition. This is also done to prevent something undesirable.

Diving Certification

Diving certification can be said to be a sign that you are eligible to dive by level. You can not dive with a depth of over 30 meters with a junior diving certificate or a beginner. Dune Atlantis is a trustworthy dive center offers the scuba diving in Bali package for beginners or professionals with guided experienced instructors.

The Most Profitable Property Investments You Should Know

Property business keeps growing each year due to the demand in the market is getting higher. People are more and more interested to be involved and dip their hands in this investment. There are some of profitable property investments when it comes to real estate. Of course, the main reason why people get their hands on this business is to make money as much as possible. There are many strategies and calculation involved to run this business to become profitable. People even go for slow and steady step in the beginning in order to reach more stable income and high profit.

Check these 4 profitable property investments out

Profitable property investments

Before beginning to list down type of promising property investment, you need to keep in mind that no matter how profitable a business looks like, effort and hard work are still required. There are many things to consider before getting your hands in property business to calculate your steps. Therefore, you will be on the right path and make your investment profitable enough to make money as you expected. So here is the list:

1. Long-term traditional rental property

The first that goes to the list is none other than traditional rental property. When you find the best property and decide to invest in it, you can choose to rent it for long-term deal. Renting out your property is the best way to earn steady income either monthly or annually. When you earn money, you can save it to buy another property and rent it out. Thus, you will keep making money through it.

2. Short-term rentals (Airbnb rentals)

The next property investment which is pretty profitable is short term rentals or also known as Airbnb rentals. In this type of investment, you need to make thorough analysis to draw your expecting profit. Besides, you will need to check to the local regulations before deciding this investment. If you get everything right, the higher return is in your hand.

3. Fix and flips

The next profitable property investments are fix and flips. In this case, you will need to be able to find a property which is at low price and need minimum fixes. Sometimes, experience is what makes this type of property investment works. If you are able to do it right, you can sell your property in higher prices which earn you high profit.

4. Real estate wholesaling

Another type of property investment which is profitable is real estate wholesaling. This investment is applicable both for commercial or residential properties. This investment requires you to make a contract with property seller and assign it to a property buyer. However, you need to place higher price on it. Aside from being profitable, this investment also requires minimal amount in financing.

Those are some of promising property investments to consider before you start property business. You can choose which one of them is worth trying. However, make sure not to make a rash decision and think rationally. Property business plays logic instead of feeling so thorough estimation is what it needs to make you decide one of the profitable property investments to start with.

6 Komodo Island Facts You Never Heard Before

Have you ever heard before about Komodo Island? Where is it and why you should know about it? The thing is, yes you need to know and might become one of the thing you will grateful when you know it. And visiting it could also be the best thing ever happen in your life.

Komodo island facts

Komodo Island located in Republic of Indonesia, especially in Province of East Nusa Tenggara. The word “Komodo” itself is the name of the biggest living lizard on earth and also known as komodo dragon. Might be the last dragon ever met by human being. Sometimes i think it is too good to be real to fantasizing that the dragons are actually exist though far different with many visual representations such in movies .

Komodo Island Facts

I am gonna talking about the facts related to the Komodo Island and those may never been heard or read by you before. And if you are put interests or curious too much about them, read along the lists i have prepared below.

If you think that all i will written are good and worth your thumb to share this article, feel free to do it happily. Here we go.

1. Population of Komodo Dragons

There are at least about 3,000’s komodos living in Komodo Island per this year (2018) and tend to be highly increased knowing that each years are giving the positive signal for this trend. And those are not included with other islands around it which could give us the number up to more than 5,000. Sounds like the government, NGOs, tourism business owners, and of course the local people keep on preserving the nature where they are living to prevent the komodos from extinction. Keep up the good work, fellas!

2. Tourists, scientists, and the naturalists at Komodo Island

No wonder that people with different backgrounds keep on visiting Komodo Island. Beside as one of included island in Komodo National Park, the attraction could not only be enjoyed by the tourists, but also as the big laboratory for the scientists around the globe and also the naturalists whom studying about the animal evolution. The komodo dragons themselves are mostly found in East Nusa Tenggara as the last population of biggest living lizard in Indonesia and Australia since million years ago.

According to the research from Melbourne University in 2009 ago, the dragons is the original species living in Australia. But then migrated to Lesser Sunda Island and surviving at East Nusa Tenggara until now. Don’t know if this is true or not, because many also believe that the Komodo Island is the original habitat since long times ago.

3. Living in solitary

When you are at Komodo Island to see the komodo, no need to worry that you might be attacked by a group or two of them. They are hunting their foods alone, each of them as it is. Not in a group at all. And the park guards or officers at the island are not giving them the meat to be eaten. So they are completely hunting by themselves the animals such as goat, horse, etc as in the wild. Even hunted by their own species since komodo is the cannibal’s animal.

4. World’s Heritage Site

Back in 2009 ago when UNESCO declared the Komodo National Park and Komodo Island surely become part of it. In November of 2011, Komodo Island became one of the controversial of New 7 Wonders since it has the popular destination for diving and the komodo itself. Not to mentions other beautiful floras and faunas, the beautiful pink beach that only existed not up to 10 (maybe only 7) in the world, dozens of marine biotas, thousands type of fishes, tens type of whale and many more.

5. The confluence of cold and hot seawater

Being said that the cold seawater is coming from the southern part of the island and the northern seawater flow bringing the opposite. Did you know what the best part of this seawater confluence? A big amount of fresh fishes around the island. A delicious destination while traveling to the wild.

6. Females needn’t the males to reproduce

Female dragon soon to be a mother needn’t a muscled, handsome and loyal male just to get herself for pregnant and later to give a birth. It is because that their certain egg cells can fertilize each other. A thing like in lieu of sperm called as “parthenogenesis.”

Well guys, those are 6 facts about Komodo Island and also the komodo dragon itself. From the beautiful to the dangerous one and other mixed sensations. Share this lists to remind the other.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Property

Lots of people wonder whether it is wise to take a step into property business since it sounds like a high maintenance business. Most people who are involved in property business aim for steady income and profit to balance out their work and life. However, to think that investing in property will only let you steps in flowers is debatable. Sure, it’s profitable business and the amount of the profit to get sometimes is higher than what investor expected. However, it is wise enough to consider many things before swimming into this business properly and that’s what this is going to.

Consideration to think before investing in property

Investing in property

The career in property business is not only about how you own a portfolio of fancy house or penthouse. Some people start with being an estate agent or involving in repossession or auction major. Just like other type of business, property business has its own criteria on how it’s going and supposed to work. So make sure you check on the elements below before you start investing your money on property business.

  • Firstly, you should consider the surroundings of the house. Make sure that it brings good balance of homeowners and private tenants. Therefore, the prices of house and the price of rental are affordable.
  • Next, set your target profile so you know exactly your marketplace. You can target students, local housing allowance, or working professionals. This will help you decide what kind of house you should invest in.
  • You might as well check the price range as well as purchasing budget of your property. Before doing so, you need to determine to rent your property as a single let or multi let. This will influence what rental yield you should set before investing in property.
  • There is a potential for capital growth. To deal with this, you need to make a simple research by checking supply of properties. In this research you should find out the correlation between the properties and the potential of demand and increasing population. The higher the demand, the higher the potential for capital growth is.
  • Property business also has its risks and not all plan is going to work your way. Therefore, you always need to make a backup plan. This is exit strategy of your property business. Therefore, no matter what changes or problem happen, they won’t deter you or make you back off.
  • You need to consider the potential to add value. This type of potential will lead you to earn higher return. This will work when you can add value to your property with refurbishment. In short sentence, you need to cleverly plan your budget and strategy.

Since property is your asset, you need to be wise before investing into one of them. Thus, consider the elements mentioned above so that you buy the right property which worth your money and effort. Therefore, you will be able to gain profit as you expect or even more. Investing in property isn’t a child’s play so logical thinking is required.

Need A Digital Agency In Bali? You May Need To Read This

Bali is not just a paradise for many tourists around the world for its unique cultures, foods and drinks, beautiful nature or simply the hospitality of the people. But it also has been a dream place for the business owners for running their services or selling products. And I am pretty sure that marketing of the business is never a new term for many of us. But wait until you hear about the digital agency for planning your campaign, optimize your social medias, make your business website, etc. And what the best thing could happen when running the business while working with the needed one digital agency in Bali?

Digital agency Bali

A digital agency could handle many things such as mentioned above. It also has the close relationship for doing the digital marketing since the online users are highly increasing, whether using any type of notebooks or mobile phones. So that, now the business owners or marketing staffs are facing the new kind of competition which is how to expand their brand awareness, selling more products and services to increase the revenue, etc. And the new thing is, all of them should be reached online. And that’s why the digital agency take position in-between the company with their potential customers.

One of worth trying digital agency in Bali that you need to help you dealing with making websites, campaign promotions, planning and optimize your social medias as well as the website, photography and videography works, graphic design and many other stuffs at Kesato & Co.

For the complete services as the digital agency in Bali, you may need to visit or even come to the office at Jalan Plawa No.8A, Seminyak, Kuta, Regency of Badung – Bali. You’ll be happily welcomed there and consulting about what’s your business actually want and need. They’ll tell you what you need or what’s to be done about your business and the strategies should be taken. Of course you could also telling them about what are elses you need for making your business to be great.

Any digital agency, including existed in Bali is expected to offer your business to has a website, dealing with SEO, SMO (Social Media Optimization), and some other stuffs to improve the visibility of your business over the web. Those are quite complicated, take times and need the professionals to get them done. And the digital agency has its own specialist to make sure that your business medias will get the good performance as expected.

Have you been trying the digital agency in Bali before? I mean, using the services from various agencies will give your business some benefits. Two of them are could help you in choose which are working in various internet or online strategies and also help in managing your website and social medias.

Contact or simply passing by at office where your chosen digital agency in Bali right away to know more about all I have informed above related to your services or products so that you know what exactly your business needs to do and achieve.

If any problems are occurring related to digital solutions for your business, visit one of best digital agency Bali, and talk to the experts or specialists. You might be surprised why not doing that earlier. Happy working and enjoying your days while at Bali.