5 Major Factors to Consider Before Landing An Apartment for Investment

The apartment can be your first step of investing in the property business, practically for the youth. In fact, bright youth has started their path in the property by buying an apartment and rent it to college students or enlist it in various online accommodation sites. Depend on the class, apartment rent rate is commonly lower than house rent rate of the same class, attracting a bigger crowd in the market.

Before you take the plunge and sign the paper, you need to know other factors that will influence the likability of your apartment.

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Location of Your Apartment

The closer you are to the heart of the city, the better. Considering that most of the apartment dwellers in Indonesia are workers, very few of them will be willing to live in the outskirt. As capital growth tends to dense on the city, most offices and colleges are located in this area, and your tenants will want to live around.

What’s Around?

Access is one of the major selling points of an apartment. Access to tolls, malls, and public facilities are extremely important in metropolitan cities. Make sure you can read lifestyles for your upcoming tenants. Apartment in holiday island, for example, should be easily accessible from attraction such as beaches, shops, or restaurants. Generally, your apartment unit should be close to public facilities. People want to have easy stay, they don’t have to travel far to do grocery shopping, going to pray, or commuting. Think like tenants, will you want to live in an apartment with such neighborhood?

How Long It Has Been Around

Knowing the history of the apartment that you are going to buy is really beneficial. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money just to have weak, old apartment, don’t you? At any time, choose an apartment that has only been raised in current years. The building is newer and there’s fewer need for renovation. You’ll also want to know how long your unit has been on the market to give you ideas how marketable the apartment is.


What kind of facilities offered in that apartment? At least, your apartment should have proper facilities, as it will count as a major consideration for your future tenants. A communal garden and swimming pool will be great for families and tired dwellers who want to get away from the noisy city. Some luxurious apartment even has a rooftop garden for maximum relaxation of the dwellers. It will be nicer if the apartment also has a gym with special membership, where tenants don’t need to go to another gym to work out.


Some apartment is offered fully furnished to promote easy living, as moving can be especially exhausting. Tenants could come only with their basic necessities and have their bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even TV cables ready for them. Some apartment owners, however, know that room for personal touch is important, so they leave the apartment only half-furnished or totally empty with, of course, considerably lower price. Study your target market to decide whether you need to complete it with full furniture or not. College students, mid-20 workers, or businessman looking for temporary housing might want the fully furnished unit, while family might want to fill up the unit according to the need of their children.

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The Most Happening and Dining Option Restaurants Seminyak Bali

For the foodie tour in Bali, Seminyak is the best place to enjoy various types of food from different countries. The famous international chef is ready to serve an appetizing meal. The area of Seminyak is popular with the best bars, cafes, and restaurants.

restaurants Seminyak

Restaurants Seminyak that is happening, always fast popular and visited by tourists. The social media mania of course always send photos of food while visiting various best restaurants in Seminyak. Various theme restaurant and design enchanting become the main attraction for the tourists, ranging from romantic themed restaurants, sporty, beach, up to the Halloween-themed.

The Seminyak area is not only popular with popular restaurants but also the best hangout place while waiting for the sunset. Some recommendations for restaurants in Seminyak you can visit and happen in Seminyak:

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta is a restaurant in Seminyak that provides a different experience for you. Experience enjoying dinner by the beach with a romantic atmosphere. The food served can give an unforgettable impression.

No wonder if Ku De Ta including one of the perfect restaurants Seminyak and visited by many tourists. Do not be surprised if you have to wait for the queue to get in and enjoy their best wine or food.


If you are looking for Indochinese and Chinese dishes then Sarong is the right place. This one focus restaurant offers Indian, Thai, Srilanka food so it is only natural that many tourists want to try the delights of the dishes here.

Sea Vu Play

Restaurants Seminyak with a beachfront theme, a blend of Melbourne theme and the pier at Santa Monica are worth a visit. Sea Vu Play the right place for you to visit every day with diverse dishes. You can choose a light meal or the main menu, with a combination of professional bartender drinks. Hangout and watch soccer matches in Bali with a Bintang beer can be the best moment to spend your night.

If you decide to vacation in Bali then the best restaurant line in Seminyak and start looking for a list that you can visit. The most happening and dining restaurants of Seminyak are easy to find as there are many reviews from the foodie tour for you to enjoy the perfect moment in Bali.

5 Business You Can Start In Bali

Building a business in Bali is just like living in leisure island while generating steady source of income. Flowing tourists in all seasons flourish business, which is the reasons why the south part of the island, the busiest tourist hub, is huddled with hundreds of hotels, entertainments, and all kind of shops.

5 Business You Can Start In Bali

Growing up with tourism business, Bali might not be capable of providing right climate for start up business, which sits on the current trend. While apps and tech development rise plentifully at metropolitan cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, or Surabaya, it might not work very well on this island. Bali on the other hand, is an oasis for hospitality and lifestyle business.

If you are keen to start a business at the heart of this holiday destination, here are 5 ideas that you might want to try.

Accommodation Rent

From a single room of Air BnB to a whole luxurious villa, a place to stay will always be on demand. Tourists are coming from numerous backgrounds and needs. Some of them brings along the whole family and need a large bungalow to be privately used for themselves. Some of them are just armed with their backpacks, and a single room (or even, a bed) is just what they need.

For a starter, try running a villa for rent or guesthouse rather than going all out with hotel, unless you have adequate experience beforehand. Running a small scale accommodation gives you  chance to test the waters and learn what’s best for your business without risking much. And when it comes to low-season, you can always use your villa for yourself—or renting it at considerably lower price for your relatives.

Restaurant Supplier

Forget cafes and fancy restaurants. Every month, a new restaurant is opened—and some are closed forever. It is true that a need for delicacy is always high, but so is the competition. If you are interested in this business, a restaurant supplier can be your best choice. You can be a food and beverage suppliers, who distribute meat, cheese, vegetables and fruits, or even coffee beans. Another option, you can open a wholesale retail selling kitchen and dining equipments, such as serving plates, colorful ceramics dinnerware, wide range of cups and mugs, to tableware sets. Hotel and restaurant owners will be looking for you, and they will always buy in bulk for their business.


With the blooms of hotel, villas, cafes, and restaurant, comes a huge need of furnitures. Bonus point if your furniture have distinct style that sets you apart from other furniture shops and make your shop easier to recognize. Just like fashion, furniture is always driven by style and trends. Chair sets heavily infused with beach style, for example, will be perfect for most beach-side restaurants or seafront hotels and villas, while a fusion of modern and rustic furniture can give a fresh breathe to a cafe.

Designer Shops

What is holiday without shopping? While in holiday, a good outfit is an important feature during traveler’s tropical gateway. You can count on travelers’ never ending desire to own a new pair of cute summer outfit, a major favorite in this sunny island. As people are always find a reason to shop, opening a clothing or jewelry shops with your distinct style is definitely a good idea.

From Tassels to Rattan Bags: 5 Fashion Items On The Rise

Back in the nineties, when someone comes to Bali you can safely assume that they will come back with a bunch of sarong in rainbow colors, Barong T-shirt, wooden accessories, and bamboo-made miniature of surfing board. Out from the traditional ethics, there is a time when Bintang singlets sits as the favorite shopping list.

From Tassels to Rattan Bags: 5 Fashion Items On The Rise

The trend, nowadays, has rapidly changed. Heavily associated with its beach life, Bali has drawn designers from all countries to open their shops and introduce uber chic international street wear to compliment the Island’s laid back lifestyle. Local designers has quickly adapt this kind of fashion, and now this easy, sophisticated style has become the norm. Observing from the most popular street fashion we’ve seen, here’s 5 fashion item in Bali that’s raising popularity.

Rattan Bag

The hip is everywhere! Start form mid 2017, round rattan bag made its entrance traveller’s street style. Sometimes called as basket bag, this woven rattan container comes in round shape (the most popular one), square, and even cylinder. They are available mostly at local street market, hanging in all shapes and sizes, but today posh designers have starts their own version of rattan bag. Bringing out instant holiday mood at anywhere the carrier stands, this rattan bag is iconic to modern beach style.


Tassels to laid back living is like fruits to your salad. It create an instant fun atmosphere, especially  when you are heading of to sunny paradise. Tassels are highly versatile; they are everywhere from earrings, necklace, to sun dresses and tunic. Considerably popular during the ‘70s, tassels are making a huge comeback these years. It’s still a favorite among holiday goers which instantly pop up playful images. Even as simply as adorning your rattan bag with few tassels can make up the whole look. From Boho to preppier style, tassels is the ultimate way to strengthen laid back style.

Fringe Sandals

To complete a perfect beach style, colorful flat sandals is a must. Even better when your sandals features cute fringes that will move playfully as you walk along the streets. They are perfect for a foot-selfie-over-the-beach, too! Sandals and flip flops are perfect for walking in long distance and provide enough air flow to your feet. For those comforts, sandals will never go out of style. Don’t be afraid to choose sandals with elaborate, colorful decoration; the more, the merrier!

Sun Dresses

The sunny day won’t be complete without a bright, flowing sundresses. If fabulous sun dresses used to be limited to designers shops, now you can find the cheaper one—at local art markets. Sun dresses are usually made from cotton and linens to keep your body off the heat. For more extra protection, choose brightly colored or white sundresses that will reflect the sunlight.


Jumping in popularity, almost any clothing shops down in Seminyak, Kuta, and Canggu are selling playful jumpsuit in various colors. Jumpsuit is ridiculously cute with its tropical patterns, turning their wearers to be effortlessly chic babes. Lightweight and highly versatile, jumpsuit can easily be on the go from leisure walk on the beach to fancy dinner at limestone cliff restaurant.

Purchasing a Villa for Property Rental: 3 Primary Things You Need to Consider

Purchasing a villa in tropical island, such as Bali, is a wise decision for investment. Buying property, however, will be one of the biggest spending in your life, that’s why you need to take a very careful approach before jumping to the water.

Purchasing a Villa for Property Rental: 3 Primary Things You Need to Consider

While management is vital to turn your holiday home into money-making machine, the condition of your villa at initial purchase itself plays a huge part to contribute profits. Concept of how you will market your villa will also determine the right villa to purchase. Indeed, some points need to be taken into account before you decide to land a villa for investment.

Choose Prime Location

Undeniably, location will be the first thing to check before you even choose which villa to buy. A tropical island like Bali itself has several touristy destination, mainly due to the beaches, that grows into popular tourist hubs.

Know that in Bali, one location might have distinct characteristic than each other, and it has quite heavy influence to the demography of tourists that stay in such location. Seminyak, for example, is heavily associated with upper-class lifestyle and more segmented than Kuta, which is heavily popular among first-timer vacationer & party goers, and is quite cramped with all kinds of accommodation, or Canggu, which is known for its hipster and hobo lifestyle. These beach hubs, however, totally sits in different spectrum than Ubud, which is located among forests and rice terrain, and favored for a much calmer holiday with a touch of tranquility and spirituality.

Your property should be located in the heart if these popular tourist hubs, or at least stands very near to one. Being close to the main attraction will make your property more appealing, even outside the holiday seasons. If possible, choose a villa within walking distance from public restaurant, shopping centre, pub, and the most important, mini markets and ATM machine for guests’ basic amenities.

Overlooking Views

Closely related with location, a stunning view will increase desirability of your villa. You can boost your sale value up to 2-3 times with addictive scenery that’s easily accessible from bedroom or living room area. This is a view your guest cannot have back home, so a chance to indulge in this kind of eye-refreshment is always desirable. Think of villa overlooking the ocean, rice paddies, or mountainous terrain—surely an unbeatable value that will raise your booking potential.

Size of Property

Decide from early on, which type accommodation you are going to provide. Are you going to buy enormous villa with four to six bedrooms that will fit a whole extended family? Or are you going to focus on honeymooners and couples who are looking for smaller, more private villa?

Honeymooners tends to prioritize view and luxurious experience for their once-in-a-life-time celebration of marriage, while extended family (or group vacationers) put the possibility of being together as a group at their number one lists. A villa that focus on couples and honeymooners can expect steady booking at all time of the year. In the other side, you might want to wait until golden opportunity, such as long weekends and school holidays, to get group vacationers book your villa. Huge villas, however, are less in quantity than smaller accommodation in the market, which means less tight competition for villa owners.


How to Maximize Holiday Vibe in Your Villa

After some adequate time spent living in Bali, you might find it’s difficult to forget its beauty or just the vibe hanging on every corner of the island. So much that you want to repeat your visits over and over again. When this withdrawal syndrome happens, buying or taking a long term lease villa in Bali will be a wiser decision rather than breaking the banks multiple times for booking a hotel.

How to Maximize Holiday Vibe in Your Villa

While thousands of villas are up for sale, leasing, and rent in Bali, finding one can takes a lot of time and research. With the right arrangement, you can feel all year round holiday while keep working and making money in reality.

Choose A Spacious Villa

Not all villa are built in large island. Some of them stands on limited land. However, spacious honest always mean physically large. You can have relatively small villa but still enjoying a relaxing stay, thanks to a roomy design. To ensure a casual living ambianece, your villa should feature open floor plans designs, which will allow lots of air flowing freely between the rooms. Instead of confined by walls, your living room, kitchen, and dining room should be flawlessly transition to each other.

Walls are out, and more fresh air are in. The minimalist approach is the new leisure.

A Holiday Home with Garden & Refreshing Pool

Most of the times, a lush garden doubled as thick, natural fence, forming a protective shield for optimal seclusion from the outside world. The garden will be your backyard oasis up a notch, making it a truly private escape where you can relax and recharge.

In the middle of May to June, Bali could reach it hottest temperature as the sun will be very close to the equator. In a day like this, you’ll want have immediate refreshment nearby, and nothing can beat swimming in your own pool, sipping juices under the bright sky. Or just soaking up the tropical sun at patio chair beside the water. In a home holiday, the presence of a pool is almost mandatory.

For the best stay, choose a villa with rooms wrapping around the pool, especially if you cannot afford a beachfront villa or that kind of home holiday with superb view (as they do have higher rate!). It will be nice to wake up to a blinking pool and fresh green garden on one fine morning through your own bedroom. In the other side, the pool will reflect additional light to your open space living / dining room, which also display a quite serene scenery across the room.

Let Big Furniture Out

Your holiday home shouldn’t feel cramped. Don’t let chunks of unnecessary wardrobe or other furniture blocking the sunlight. Remember, with lots of airflow, comes a peaceful mind. Less furniture will allow a lot of traffic flow, especially if you are staying with kids or another family members.

Furnish with The Right Decor

The big works are over! After a successful purchase, now it’s time for the dun part: decorating! Lucky for us, Bali has hundreds of furniture and homeware shops for every needs, every style. From modern, stark white furniture with sleek design, to the quirky one featuring rustic feeling, you can find it all across Kuta, Seminyak, Kerobokan, and Tegallalang village in Ubud. Don’t get easily swayed by any interesting homeware (and you’ll get swayed a lot!). Stick to two to three main style and complementary color to keep your villa nice and clean.


Buying Furnitures and Homeware of Your Style in Bali

If IKEA is a thing over the seas, then you have incredible options of homeware and furniture shopping in Bali. Independent homeware shops with awe-inspiring twists are just few meters away along the main street of Seminyak, Kuta, and Canggu. These creative hands even fill up Kerobokan streets and lining up the main road towards Tegalalang village. While the shops may be less fancier than what you’ve seen in Seminyak, the goods are tantamount.

Buying Furnitures and Homeware of Your Style in Bali

Do you get that eerie vibes that you feel upon entering a furniture shops? Almost dreamy and otherworldly, you will find that those unique looking piece are magnetic to your eyes. If you dont have a strong heart, you’ll end up with a bunch of unique furnitures that fancy as itself, but completely irrelevant to even complement each other.

So, decide what your style, and see what’s available at the market?

If You Are Looking for: Sleek and Minimalist Design

If you think Bali is all about traditional and wood appliance, you haven’t see the modernity of this island. Continuous growth of modern hospitality, presence of designers from all nations, and exposure of latest trend from the internet inspire locals designers to adapt minimalism.

Sleek designs, often displaying natural color of woods or natural color blocks, are the main feature of this kind of design. Furniture shops with minimalist approach are often found around upscaled area, such as Seminyak and Sanur.

Where to shops:

Living Karma, Jl. Petingenget no 47 Kerobokan, Badung, Bali

Kim Soo Home, Jl. Kayu Aya No. 21 & Jl. Sunset Road

ZAPPdesign, Jl. Mertasari 96, Kerobokan, North Kuta

If You Are Looking For: Rustic and Contemporary Furniture

Rustic decor and Bali combined, and you’ll got feeling of living in a villa all year long. Colorful cushions, unique tables, chairs, and drawers, and wood decoration in all designs you might never imagine are available for your choice. From polished to aged-surface style, lots of eclectic home decor will gives off a totally different vibes in the neighborhood!

Where to shops:

Bungalow Living, Jl. Pantai Berawa 35A, Canggu

Eclectik Asia, Jl Raya Monkey Forest, Ubud